Friday, September 23, 2011

The election campaign in Kolonnawa - drug pushers paradise

Duminda Silva and his UPFA goons are going about the area promising jobs. All the people in the area know what it is that they are providing. It is simply  enough drugs for them to go and sell to people and make a living. This kind of employment generation lies counter to human decency and when a parliamentarian carries out these with impunity there is no telling what will happen next.

The people of the area know that their hometown has become a haven for the drug trade, and why is no one doing anything about it. These self same people must throw out the traffickers and reclaim the city for themselves. In this light it seriously appears that the government is the sponsor of all illegal activities and they do not seem to care about this moniker as they know that no one can do anything about it.. It is now up to the people of the area to take the bull by the horns and defeat their party so convincingly that there will be no doubt as to the fact that people are simply fed up with the status quo and ready for a change.

Disgust for the rule of law in Sri Lanka seems to be so inbread that it will be difficult to change the mindset of people that there indeed is an alternative for this kind of gross abuse of power. People must understand what gross abuse of power and be at the receiving end of some of this abuse before they can really understand how bad the situation is. I am not trying to instill my ideology on the people of Sri Lanka, I simply want them to think a little before they act, especially in times of elections when the vote can make a significant change in their lives.

It is still lost on people who value democracy what this right to vote is as it is a powerful tool to show the feelings of the electorate to world and then make changes if they believe that is necessary. This point about the thinking which seems to be confined to the piece of cake one has given minutes before they cast their vote is what taints it with the lure of favors and benefits for self rather than communally that governs our mindset.

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