Monday, May 25, 2015

Ranil Wickremasinghe – the maestro is so far ahead that only swear words can be uttered!

The PM came out like a rose in full bloom, when the shriveled pumpkin had his say, and the whole world realized that this firebrand of yore should be spending his days in the lap of his campaigner for civil liberties! I hope for one he will then listen to her sense and sensibility and drop his quest for any more time wasting in Parliament, a traitor to the nation.

The further joke is when all these opposition MPs have signed a no confidence motion merely out of spite and envy that this man who was belittled and hung out to dry has the last laugh on them, and it those jokers who will be hung out to dry, after being completely spun around to dry in the washing machine of the next electioneering!

While the man is maddening as I have reported many times in the blog, as he is seen to make decisions contrary to the rank and file of the party, he sees a picture that many of us don’t see, and that is because his level of autism gives him an edge over normal people, which he has learned to use for maximum political advantage.

As I reported in the previous blog entry, the level of ignorance of this community is so great and their ability to hang their hat on something they know nothing about, but pretend to know is what allows imbeciles who should be in an asylum, the people’s mandate to get into parliament. Whether all those who put them there should also be committed is an argument for a later date.   

Whatever the likes of Dayan Jayatilleke say, poor excuses for PhDs in this country, Ranil Wickremasinghe holds forth completely over the Country, and much more so than the President, and the latter knows it and does not care.

Whilst Ranil’s erstwhile cousin Rajeeva Wijesinghe has not one word of good to say about him, that is out of intellectual snobbery only, as though Rajiva is a professor, Ranil is far more professorially savvy than the former English teacher. Rajiva being a never was person, hates to see someone who is!!!

This post is not meant to be an exercise in attacking those who are incompetent, but to show people’s perceived intellectual capacities to be all hot air that is merely expelled by a fart!

Let us go back to basics and trust this land to someone who is known all his life for a person of modest taste, who does not have to show off, and known to be highly eccentric as few people really understand his true medical condition that gives him both the intellectual excellence and human aloofness seen as and mistakenly assumed to be arrogance!!

Time for a new Sri Lankan order where excellence is encouraged and treachery savagely punished. That is after teaching these so called patriots to look at the mirror at themselves, all the Rajapakses being submitted to this very important treatment, when there is a chance of reform.  That lot should also be subjected to the same rehabilitation and reform training the LTTE carders have been subjected to get at the same result. The LTTE were traitors and so are these people, They just speak a different language that is all the difference.  .        

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