Monday, May 18, 2015

Criminal Charges against Gota!

The Sunday Times yesterday has detailed a list of potential wrongdoings that lead directly to the former Defence Secretary Ghotabaya Rajapakse, as he is the senior most person who could approve or cancel any of these transactions, and in each of these instances he is shown to be the person who has for reasons of his own, (throwing caution to the wind in a Machiavellian fashion of authoritarianism borne out of an insecurity complex) taken it upon himself to use the resources of the State in transactions that now seem to be illegal, though at the time may have seemed to his state of mind,. perfectly legitimate and in the best interests of the Country.

Such are the vagaries of life in and out of power and he must face the music fair and square, as a citizen of this Country as well as the USA. He MUST remember one thing that he is now being treated fairly, with equal protection of the law, and the Investigators are well within their rights to prosecute if it is a prosecutable offence in the eyes of the law here.

In fact the MIG deal, Avante Garde, Lanka Hospitals and Lanka Logistics are the least of his problems. They pale in comparison to the more rigorous scrutiny he is now under by the US Internal Revenue authorities for not disclosing the Income he has made over this period on deals that they (US Internal Revenue Service) have detailed records of and are working closely with Sri Lankan Law enforcement authorities for him to be extradited to the US to face prosecution as a Federal Crime and if found guilty, may face up to 20 years in rigorous imprisonment in a Federal Penitentiary, with murderers and drug addicts.

He must rue the day he obtained US citizenship, as otherwise he would have been spared prosecution!

What goes around comes around, and the lesson in this is to have a sense of proportion about oneself. Whilst he may pay a harsh price for the sins he is accused of, the sins he is NOT accused of and more difficult to prove cast a historical perspective on his conduct as the chief officer in charge of Security of Sri Lanka. History will judge him harshly.

Let us NOT forget the Law of the Jungle he imposed. Whilst cohorting with Drug Dealers in Government, he allowed other underworld figures and drug dealers NOT part of his circle to be taken in and then killed in broad daylight, ostensibly shot by the Police when trying to escape when being taken to a scene of crime or to show where arms or bodies are hidden; a standard procedure commonly reported during the MR administration almost every month.

We have not had even ONE of these incidents under this administration, which is proof positive that it was going on under the MR regime. If they say criminals are allowed to roam freely now and not in their administration as the reason, then their criminality that supersedes in magnitude any criminality that was prosecuted then, must be pointed out in comparison, that now at least the real criminals are being rounded up, and then it was just the imaginary ones they caught so that competition in criminality was disposed of!  

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