Sunday, May 24, 2015

The enemies of the Govt. have nothing to blame the Govt. with! Shocking

It is simply ironic that this minority govt. today, is having a ride, where the only allegation laid is on the Bond issue.

Actually, the PM must be chuckling to himself as he knows, that in reality there is no issue there, and numbers and allegations laid have NO basis in fact, so he allows that to be the whipping boy for the opposition, and he is waiting for the opportune moment to call their bluff, by showing what a bunch of twats these absolutely moronic, and sadly in this case, the MPs who seem to be those who really belong in Angoda, don’t have a clue about bond trading and what it means.

Since that bond auction then, there have been so many bond auctions that the moronic press has not reported on, lest they will look even sillier, and the bonds bought at the auction that caused the furor have been traded a zillion times already in the secondary market by the bond traders. They don’t even have an iota of brains to work out the realized profit thereon.

The fact that BOZO Iqbal Athas does not understand it is a very clear indictment on the “talking cock” syndrome of supposedly respectable Sunday Times journalists. It is well for Singha Ratnatunge to know that his journalists are making a mockery of the stature to which he was able to build his paper up to, by acting like herd of hens in pursuing the wrong thread of the Bond deals, purely because the paper does not appear to have anyone with the knowledge to understand how bonds are traded and what part they play in the Government fund raising. Similarly if they look into following auctions I am sure they will be able to find the same pattern, nothing wrong, but will throw into good light, the problematic auction, thereby clearing this government by default of any wrong doing.

The usually savvy JVP have been badly advised on this by their researchers who obviously have no clue as AKD is still harping on a dead subject making a bigger BOZO of himself than he realizes, as once his ignorance is laid bare, (he will be the biggest idiot of all) by the Prime Minister, who will choose his moment to expose the general ignorance and lack of understanding even of the 3 man report on this scandal that is actually illuminative.

When this shit hits the fan, may God Help the Journalists, and Wijeya Newspapers in particular who have been particularly unkind to the PM for reasons of their own, and I suspect, it is the journalistic freedom the owner gives, will prove that they are NOT worthy of their editorship, and Singha and company are likely to be thrown to the wolves for making asses of themselves in this regard. I should then apply for the editorship!

Singha there are only 6 people in the Country, and the Governor is NOT one of them, who understand how these bonds are traded. Pay money and get an intelligent journalist from your staff to ask one of them to explain exactly what went on, and then ask him to write it in simple English to the paper, so the readers themselves can understand that nothing untoward happened! Then at least you can do your Mea Culpas to the Governor and start investigating the real crook who is the previous Governor Nivard Cabral, who sold insider information to the highest bidder. Why have you let him off the hook to this date? It is time all bond auctions for the past 4 years be investigated and the real pattern ascertained.              

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  1. Dear PPB - I'm a little familiar with fixed income asset class. Would you mind guiding me to find what really happened ?