Monday, May 11, 2015

What is the problem with the Media?

Saliya Wickremasuriya who is accused of embezzling Tsunami funds amounting to over Rs700M has been arrested and remanded in this new administration .

Now that rogue Naufer Fowzie is also to be arrested, though for a lesser charge than what he is known for. I guess asking for 5lakhs to give an appointment to meet his father in the days he was a Cabinet Minister was just a small part of his actions, but that taught him the need for greed, but thought he could be saved from the law. That is for another blog entry, let us go back to Saliya and why the media is complicit in the cover up!  

Saliya Wickremasuriya is currently the DG of Petroleum Resources,  at 80 Flower Road at the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy part of Champika Ranawaka Ministry, so why only mention the time when he was the COO of the Sri Lanka Reconstruction and Development Agency, where Tiran Alles was Chairman in the MR Government soon after the Tsunami to disburse funds. It is also noted that they DID NOT build one Tsunami Home and so the funds that were in this had just gone missing.

Was the Tsunami funds that were in the MR personal bank account of Rs80M also disbursed through this agency? Is it a coverup to hide the fact that MR stole these funds, and wanted later to show that the agency was given it and thus spent, with NO mud sticking to the Rajapakses.

It is important that the paper trail is followed carefully and arrests and indictments are made based on the facts. There is NO QUESTION that the funds were misused. It is who misused this money that is the question, and is it an attempt to get Saliya Wickremasuriya to take the blame for MR embezzlement? The Wickremasuriyas and Rajapakses are close relatives, and many Wickremasuriyas held important positions in the MR administration.

It is important that proper investigations are made, and all the facts ascertained and then rightful suspects are rounded up- for future prosecution.

IN NO NEWSPAPER did they mention that this man is holding a high post in this administration and using his record of 22 years at SCHULUMBERGER the Oil Field Services Giant, he has qualifications to know something about Petroleum Resources, or at least call upon his contacts to get experts to look at the future potential of the Offshore Petroleum Resources.

It is correct to give his bio, instead of merely saying he is just a past COO of RADA!!!

People’s perception of a person is made on what the Press or Media make out of him. They therefore have a duty to the public to be straightforward and let the public know all the facts on which the public is entitled to then make up their minds on the efficacy of the statements made, and have some inside information.

Let us give the benefit o f the doubt to this man, who appears to be less crooked than others, though I believe he is privy to many of the stealing of the MR government from the people. However in return we trust that he will turn state’s evidence and open the whole can of worms up to investigation, and hopefully come out with the proper conclusions.

The dominos are falling fast, and the big guns must realize that they are homing in their direction, and before too long there will be evidence to accuse and arrest all the Rajapakses to the misery they caused to hundreds of thousands if not millions of people due to personal greed.  



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