Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Mahendran issue just does not go away – now a fabricated no confidence motion

As I predicted on the 11th of January soon after (48Hours) the election results were announced, the PM did not understand the effect of the appointment of his able friend to the Governorship of the Central Bank would have on perception!!!!

He thought that anyone would be better than the total crook he replaced, namely Nivarrd Cabraal who made a habit for so many years of selling insider information to people for money, and his friends were enriched by billions as a result. This pales in comparison to the maximum possible loss that can occur due to the recent scandal even if insider information was used, and I don’t believe it came from his father in law but by the corrupt senior officials of the Cabraal administration who have already made millions from this information.

The fact that the 3 member investigative committee asked that these jokers in the Central Bank be investigated and nothing has happened so far is what is really bad about the administration, and NOT that Mahendran was not sacked!!!

This goes to the heart of the misinformation campaign that even the Government does NOT make any attempt to clarify or clear!! That is the problem. It is time the rogues inside the CB are exposed, and arrested and prosecuted. It is to Mahendran’s fault that he has taken advice from these rogues, who have put him in this particularly nasty corner. I wonder what he must be thinking now that he has been exposed as a rogue when so many senior officials still carry on with business as usual.

The only GOOD to come out of this is that in future I am sure ALL comers will be more careful in opening themselves out to ridicule and will attempt to perform their tasks with efficiency and without criminal intent!!   

So why not act on the recommendations on the committee, instead of ignoring them as the only Civil Lawyer there, Chandimal Mendis is spot on in the issues raised, and we must ensure that there are checks and balances in place to ensure that there is NO recurrence of this kind of activity and it will be Sri Lanka that benefits.

What baloney that 88 signatories MPs who don’t understand what a bond is to make these wild ass allegations. They should NOT be given the ticket and people should not vote them in either!!!

It is time the CB past crimes are exposed, and the people informed about that whole event during the MR rule and shown how many billions had been squandered as a result.

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