Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Has the FT lost its marbles or is Nivvaard Cabral still in control of the Journalists!

The most asinine headline I have seen in years is the one in the FT on Monday, which says “Cabraal Checkmates Ranil” Just think about it! Only someone in the pay of Cabral could have even got away with making a statement like that.

Cabraal is about to be indicted for a whole host of sins, during his long tenure as the Governor when the CB just wen t to the dogs at it will take years to reform and clean up. His complete control of the institution, where the next level were reduced to mere lackeys of yes men, made a mockery of everything they produced, and we know that even the figures were fiddled big time so they would look good.

To imply that Cabraal is some animal better than the unimpeachable PM, and to insinuate that he had got the better of the PM is a complete insult to anyone intelligence!

Cabraal admitted that the trillions of bonds had been placed and said that was normal, but that is simply arguable either way, The PM holds better information than Cabraal in making this allegation, and to take Cabraal’s side by a well respected financial newspaper such as the daily FT. is simply unforgivable, unless a sinister motive is the true reason!

There was a whole page in that FT of an interview of Cabraal and in the article the questions have been very lenient and he has been able to get away scot free from the possible allegations that could be made, and in those there was some merit, he had been able to get away by the benefit of the doubts, which will never hold in a Court of Law. It is very important if the FT is to preserve its credibility, that a more rational balance is made in their reporting.

Don’t forget Ranil Wickremasinghe is arguably the least corrupt of all in Government, and therefore his allegations must always be considered legitimate, and the onus must be on the alleged perpetrator to clear himself, as best as he or she could , but not to insinuate that the allegation itself was without merit!!!!  This especially when he was at the head of a body that was allied to the most corrupt Government Sri Lanka ever had the misfortune to have in charge.

What is more a similar headline of nothing but scare mongering without any real proof was in the head lines of Friday, 22nd May FT also referring to the Bond scandal, which if analyzed by anyone with knowledge of how the bond trading works is bound to clear all parties of any wrongdoing, no matter the allegations made by the opposition who have nothing to hand their hat on and are using a media overplayed misunderstood deal to take center stage for WANT OF ANYTHING MORE CONCRETE to blame the present Govt. with.

It is very important, and the previous blog entries further reiterate that the media has a duty and role to educate the ignorant public, and NOT follow the herd in this case donkeys, who don’t know how to pin serious blame on the present Govt. I appeal to the media to be more cautious in their reporting and first go to school to learn about what you write, as otherwise your ignorance can be tiresome and in the end you will be exposed as a fool!                         

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