Monday, February 27, 2012

There is no shame in the misinformation game by the Government

Will you believe if I told you that serious people are asking me that the President will be spirited off by the US troops to the ICC to face genocide charges and they must go and defend him at Temple Trees with a human - shield. Obviously there are those who have fed this information around the country using various means including loud speakers (noise pollution) on three wheelers, paid for by local politicians which go and announce this fact and ask people to gather in a central spot to agitate against US aggression. No one is given a chance to explain this nonsense, and those that succeed are vilified as US spies and traitors.

When one reads the US resolution on the table, it is simple a small rap on the knuckles that asks the Government to implement the recommendations of the LLRC and that the International body would appoint a few observers to witness the implementation thereof. Whilst the latter point is a little demeaning, it must be remembered that Sri Lanka gave assurances at the last UNHRC meeting that they have appointed the LLRC and would implement their recommendations, once received. It is the latter that they have failed to do and hence the rap. Whilst the Govt. maintains that they have had no time to implement the recommendations, and have asked for a further year till next year’s sessions to implement this, the Western Bloc, namely US and UK will not buy time due to the interim recommendation 6 months ago, asking the govt. to remove paramilitaries especially from the Northern Province without delay.

If one reads the proceedings of the LLRC and attended the sessions which were in most part held in public, one would realize that little can be done until the paramilitaries who are sponsored by the government are neutralized. There has been NO intention on their part to do so and why should we accept any more excuses from the Govt. in this regard. It has NOTHING to do with international pressure. We in Sri Lanka, its Citizens are facing onerous and life threatening action by paramilitaries and the Govt. of Sri Lanka has done NOTHING to stop these goons. We can only SURMISE that they are state sponsored, as otherwise the Govt. has all the power to immediately put an end to their terror.

I implore this Government as an immediate act to get rid of the paramilitaries so people can live without fear, and go about their day to day activities and desist from politicizing a largely self inflicted wound. They have lied and misled the citizens of Sri Lanka and the fact that the citizens can be so fooled is out of my control. It is vital the State if it really has the interests of its citizens at heart, stop this expensive nonsense of misinformation and get on with managing the economy.

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