Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Combined Opposition Demo – Another case of disproportionate use of force

It was obvious that the peaceful demo outside the Fort Railway Station, which drew a substantial crowd, considering it was Friday afternoon was again met with unnecessary force with the use of ‘tear gas’ and ‘water cannons’ neither of which is necessary to calm the exuberance of the few in the demo, who tried to break up the police barriers. It was interesting to note that 3 senior police officers and a further 12 other policemen were reported to be hurt, but their injuries were not even specified, casting considerable doubt as to its credibility, as the word hurt can even mean they were affected by the very tear gas they hurled at the demonstrators.No evidence was proffered. 

These mischievous utterances meant for Govt. sycophants to give the press and for other debates, does not do the cause of justice (‘banana republic’) any favors. Some of the demonstrators who wished to go to Temple Trees should have been permitted, as they were tired and battered after the tear gas and water canon having only energy to disperse but was not done. 

The President was lauding it over in Singapore which only gave him the use of a 15 year old white BMW 7 series to use, something he would not even dream of getting into in his own country. Actually it was apparent the Singaporeans were having a good old chuckle at his expense, as it is the world’s least corrupt nation, and the irony with the Sajin Vaases (stole enough to buy two Bell helicopters and then some) on the entourage were not lost on them. No substantive commitments were entered into despite Temasek  and the Govt. of Singapore Investment Corporation, being one of the most funded Sovereign Wealth funds in the world. Not one penny was promised from that!!!

To get back to the main reason this Government can get away with such tactics and not seem to be bothered is that the public have given them the permission to steal, knowingly or not. Until this is stopped, by sufficient agitation against the rule and every aspect of it, now that the litany of woes continues to rise, we will not see the end. No one has been able to subtly show how much misery a few people at the top of the pyramid have been able to load onto the citizenry. We MUST if we owe a duty to our country to its people and future generations, put a full stop to this daylight robbery that continues despite the price rises that have been announced.

The sacred cow of fertilizer subsidies has not been touched as that is another Rs50B and causes even more of a misallocation of unnecessary resources. This is so that the electoral impact would be minimized and the sight of the so called farmers going on to the streets to demonstrate is considered unacceptable. What the govt. yet does not realize is that the farmers are now so weakened with the price of paddy falling to Rs17 a kg that they have no fire or fitness left in them to complain or rise up against the repressive regime. It therefore only leaves those people with the wherewithal instead of applauding the antics of this regime from whom they have also lined up their pockets to also assist in the needed agitation with funds.

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