Thursday, February 16, 2012

Shameless Sajith continues to attack RW, when he should be attacking MR

When will Sajith Premadasa grow up? Again he has made a statement to the effect that RW should not be opining about the Maldivian Coup, and instead concentrate on the matters at home. If that is the case, Sajith should also concentrate on matters at home instead of gaining points only for himself (not the UNP) by his campaign of giving religious places, his standard, Rs50,000 and thereby gaining a photo opportunity and a note in the papers and TV coverage usually from Sirasa.

A thinking man will see the irony of his complaint! A fool will believe him! I guess Sajith takes all of the public to be fools, so that is how he explains himself. It is time that Sajith hunkers down and works for the party and not for himself. It is actually very wrong for him to seek publicity with his Sasunata Aruna program as it does have nothing to do with the UNP or a UNP backed event. He obviously has a local cohort of elected members for the event. That however is standard when a party elder comes to town, but has nothing more to do with organizing the party machinery to whack the Rakapakses out of power. In fact it can by a stretch by his acts be pointed out that he is actually doing the Rajapakse’s dirty work for them.

Coming back to the first point where he is insulting his own leader, when I have NOT seen any report of his Leader insulting him, he should show maturity if he is to take on the mantle as the next leader. All this type of activity is going to destroy his chances of leadership, as he cannot be trusted not to let anyone down. Ask yourself, will you trust him if he is capable of defying his own Party Leader?

The sooner he comes back into the fold to fight for the policies of the Party and not personal ones, while placing blame on everyone other than himself, the better it would be for him, the UNP and the country as a whole. The country is now at the cross roads, where the impact of selfish Rakapakse policies are now being felt across the Country. The country is looking for leadership from the UNP and not a further split or continuing antagonism. Just look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself how much hatred you have to RW, when in fact you should show Maithree bhavaya especially as you spend a huge amount of time in Temples.

It is not too late, to make your peace, but remember it is you who has to go cap in hand, for all the external statements you have made. Try and balance that with those made by your leader against you and you will feel embarrassed as all the weight is with you and not a gram on him. Let him who is not flawed cast aspersions on him who is. So it is better to fight the common enemy than fight your allies. Honestly whose interest are you trying to protect?

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