Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nero of Rome was known for his excesses – Our home grown one knows no bounds – Even the Buddhist Clergy have had enough of this nonsense

The President touched down in his Helicopter at a school grounds on his way to open the Kadawatha underpass on Saturday. Next to the grounds is a well known and respected Buddhist Temple. As is customary and good PR he drops in on the Chief Priest of the Temple to pay his respects. He is always used to sitting at the biggest chair around, so upon entering the temple he promptly sat in the Chair that no one other than the Chief Priest sits on. When his security then began ordering the Buddhist Clergy around as to where they should stand the Chief Priest promptly barked at the Security detail in front of the President. He said, “I have been the Chief Priest of this temple for 30 years and I know my place my position in my own Temple, you don’t have to tell me where to go. There are others here who don’t know their place or position, you had better ask them to move instead.”

The big “Kahuna” was so taken aback at the outburst he did not know what to say, but meekly rat like escaped red faced lost for words or sound bites for once.

It seemed to be time to annoy, so when Lasantha Alagiyawanna a local District MP was earlier asked for permission by the Chief Priest of another Temple in Kadawatha which was having a prizegiving to be able to decorate the road near the Temple with Buddhist flags, he was pointedly told that he was not permitted to put any banners on the road. Hey presto what happens?

On the day of the Kadawatha event the wide main Kandy road which passes Kadawatha, was festooned with Blue Banners on both sides of the road for a few kilometers, whilst the following day Sunday Temple event was prevented from festooning on account of the lie that no Banners are permitted on the main road, not of any sort.

The Chief Priest is now furious with the lie of the Deputy Minister, when in fact at least he could have told the priest the President is coming down this road on Saturday and we have to remind him of his colors, Blue, so I cannot permit you to take over your stretch of the road. Actually he could have arranged for his stooges to remove the blue that night and put the temple banners on the same poles in time for the morning event at the Temple. So sycophancy has taken over reason.

Is it any wonder that the show is just a fraud perpetrated on the outside to fool the masses? We should be wary of the Boru show and look behind the veil of deception to the true colors, before we have a repeat of Nero in our midst.It is time the nakedness of the Scoundrels are laid bare.

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