Monday, February 20, 2012

Mahinda Rajapakse is all at sea. The Captain(MR) is unaware that the Ship is sinking. He listens only to those who glorify him so they will all drown with him

We have had a very cunningly constructed plan of power in Sri Lanka, which through the original objective of winning the terrorist war convincingly, has permeated to all aspects of government, to secure a grip that is now a stranglehold.

It is in this background, where many of the plans of the government have now been shown to be footprints in the sand, temporary and illusory but gone tomorrow. The President has therefore delegated his policy implementation to people with a very domestic and insular outlook, which from the beginning led the country on an unsustainable path of development, which is now becoming apparent. In addition many of them are of questionable ability as well as morals, and I do not believe they really had the country’s interest at heart, rather their own. The policies have been shown to be populist, and enabled the government to sweep the polls in the local government elections, but as they were not based in economic reality, but instead on political expediency has led to the crisis today, which will affect everyone in Sri Lanka adversely.

Further, the massive increase in Commercial borrowing taking advantage of our generally good record of payment of sovereign debt has enabled the Govt. to show the public a massive development of infrastructure as well as grandiose media extravaganzas that have hugely helped in creating an illusion of good strong government that was doing things. All the massive road construction, has been at a huge cost in corruption, therefore the speed is directly related to how much the contractors and middle men can earn from the deal, knowing full well the gravy train can stop in an instant once the money runs dry! We will have to give all these projects to the Chinese when we realize we cannot pay their loans. Only then will the treachery of the State be obvious.

All the MPs on the government side are ministers with respectable perks, unprecedented in the history of Sri Lanka, their silence from dissent has been bought. These same MPs have to face the consequences of this action as it is now an embarrassment to go back to their constituencies and explain what has transpired. Now basic expenditure is not funded. Never mind the poorest, where the Samurdhi beneficiaries have not been paid for months, now it is all other aspects of bills that are coming due with the treasury withholding payment due to lack of money. There are many vacancies in the Public Sector, the teaching professions, and health sector that are NOT filled due to the lack of funds. It is unfathomable why the extravagance of the state is not curbed, as the illusion of wealth appears to be part of the deception.

Finally the responsibility MUST fall on the President, as he cannot feign ignorance in his watch, due to his poor choice of advisers, given to help him guide the ship.

It is not too late. The country has plenty of honest and highly competent technocrats who need to change direction WITHOUT interference. It is not too late to guide the country through, but all these dishonest sycophants should first be put in their place (jail) before we get to the starting gate.

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