Monday, February 6, 2012

The knives are out let the dissenters be aware – make up or be dead meat

Sirasa has finally had their moment in the sun, the current leadership of the UNP appear to be completely deaf to anything they have to show despite the huge damage this action has caused to the rank and file UNPers some of whom were compelled to believe the allegations for want of a retraction. It is now slowly dawning that these are petty grievances that should be aired inside closed doors and not in public as this causes more damage to the party and not those implicated.

The leader RW now sensing blood, is now rolling up his sleeves and calling their bluff, with no regard for wiser counsel but to banish these detractors out of sight. The detractors now sensing no traction, have finally realized they have been snookered by the wily leader, and are now scraping around to find a way to get back in before they are thrown out into the wilderness forever. Added to this JJ and Ravi K are out to get Sajith’s blood for doing this amount of damage to the party in order to please the paymasters at Sirasa, which is perceived as personal greed over the overall good, just what RW has hitherto been accused of.

With this background it is incumbent upon a mea culpa from Sajith to get back into the fold, whilst in order to do that he may have to hand three sacrificial lambs like Lal Perera, Shiral Laktilleke and Maithri Guneratne to the alter for the final sacrifice and then mend his fences with the moderates and RW faction, appearing with him in public as a unified force which is what the public is asking for.

This done the newly revived UNP will be able to take on an increasingly beleaguered administration that has done nothing in the past three months but go from one mess on to the other whilst at the same time continuing their media blitz of fooling the public with the likes of Deyata Kirula and such like in order to keep up the public support they need to show their own leaders who are now about to defect to the UNP in droves, which intelligence has provided the President as being highly likely unless he is able to extricate him from a number of problems both here at home and abroad that he somehow has got embroiled in.

The new parliamentary session on Wednesday will bring out RW with his fighting best to perform his usual carving up of the issues as the next phase of appropriation in the guise of the Town and Country Planning Bill is expected to be presented and passed without much debate as the commanding majority in the house prevents the use of any dissension and all requests of delays and debates are refused throwing all good governance into the trash can. The new dawn in the spring of Sri Lanka is long overdue and this is yet another attempt at jump starting it, will it succeed?

What irony to think that Maithri Guneratne and Shiral are about to be politically castrated and Sajith is fighting for the very survival he has been working on for the past 20 years albeit is very amateurishly! Politics is a very fluid matter so Rajapakses you are not too far away if you continue in your current cavalier attitude, without heed for the good of the country you claim to represent.

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