Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Acting Government Spokesman is talking gibberish and we even give him air time and space in the Newspapers to vent his nonsense!

Now that Keheliya Rambukwella has been put out of action by his own lack of discretion in behavior in Australia, his work is currently being conducted by Anura Priyadhashana Yapa, who has acted in that capacity in the past as the Govt. spokesman on Misinformation.

The latest salvo is the shameless lies about having different pricing for different categories of society, namely rich and poor. Does he know it cannot be practically implemented, as it is prone to another level of corruption, with the rich claiming to be poor and most of the deserving cases not getting the subsidy they deserve?

The government’s lying canard was exposed last night when they in fact agreed to a 20% increase in bus fares both for the SLTB state service and for the Private Buses, knowing full well that the subsidy proposed but not implemented for Private Buses, would not work. So it will be when they try to give subsidies for Three Wheeler Drivers, School Vans, Fisherman, Samurdhi Beneficiaries and a whole ilk of other so called poor. We know in Sri Lanka when it comes to a subsidy, everyone whether they deserve, need or otherwise want it, will get it, bribing those with the authority of the seal for ratification, if it means that.

It is therefore mischievous to make incorrect statements that are meant to fool the public knowing full well the public seem to believe in their good faith, whilst the spokesman knows full well the government has NO intention in keeping their word. It is further insulting in a time when most people are forced to tighten their belts at every stage for the Government NOT to take immediate steps to control their Expenditure, especially that which has been allocated to the Government MPs and their Ministers, namely cost cutting in terms of expenses and fuel allowances.

It is most important that an IMMEDIATE dictat is made to cut the fuel allowance of all ministers along with the vehicles that they are permitted to use, as the cost of their maintenance including fuel will skyrocket about 40% if they are not cut back severely. Something given FREE is not appreciated and therefore they DO NOT feel the pain that the ordinary man in the street feels today with the instant rise in cost of living.

The BUS fare increase is affecting people instantaneously, the government was NOT able to stop the rise or the strike that IMMEDIATELY brought about the raise to ensure BUS service. Can we therefore plead for HONESTY!!!!

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