Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Self inflicted wounds – distortion of the truth – Western Conspiracies

At the expense of being boring, repetitive, and seemingly unpatriotic, I have to keep returning to this subject time and time again, on why I believe this Government is bent on convincing the public that all the problems they are faced with are NOT of their own making but of imperialist and LTTE rump (I like that word ‘rump’ – it actually reminds me of a backside! Or even rump steak!)

A Government that is truly visionary and bent on improving the quality of life of all its citizens would in my view NEVER engage in such vitriol. It matters not one IOTA what the US and others think, if this country is governed under norms of civilized behavior, and good governance. In that instant no matter what accusations are made for past transgressions, the benefit of the doubt always goes to the present. It is the lack of this that is at the heart of the problem, and due to the jingoistic posturing of the Buddhist and dare I say it even the Catholic Clergy to gain political mileage (shame on both groups) we as a nation is held to ransom by those who are opposed to a utopian future for our country and its long suffering people.

This Govt. by its actions today, NOT of the past, continues to feed the LTTE Diaspora instead of starving it which it MUST. So who are the traitors to this country? It is first the Government, including all those who mouth out this view, and now the leaders of Buddhist and Catholic Clergy are complicit in this treachery. When we have people blaming others for their failings of being able to reach amicable objectives amongst the citizens of our own country, then we know it is our inability to solve our own problems, where we look for SCAPEGOATS. This is human nature being acted out in the world stage and it is farcical as the whole world sees through it but the inward looking myopic citizenry of the country, who currently are the majority, are either blind or also paralyzed.

When we do not understand that our wounds are self inflicted, the world takes pleasure at seeing us squirming and demonstrating, as it is the action of a spoilt child and not of an intelligent adversary.

This myopia has not been exposed due to the lack of the skill of the Opposition to take the moral high ground, and fear of vested interests that DO NOT understand the ‘CON’ they are embroiled in. We do not have any true leaders in the country at present. MR is just a war hero, who made a wise and excellent decision to give our soldiers all they needed to eviscerate terrorism forever. If he carries on like this the forever part is called into question. We must also be fully aware of the part played by the US in the assistance they provided to the Government of Sri Lanka over many years to be able to win this war, with high technology as well as arms and ammunition. The US does not sit around trumping that card, as it is not diplomatic to talk about secret assistance given in time of war. THE US DID NOT PREVENT ISRAEL FROM SELLING SL THE UAVS WITH SECRET US TECHNOLOGY THAT WERE IMMENSELY HELPFUL IN WINNING THE FINAL STAGES OF THE WAR WITH MINIMAL CASUALTIES TO OUR SOLDIERS.

We MUST understand therefore that MR despite his mastering of PR, has NO ability to manage the intricacies of government, the finance of the country or even its defense, and despite that lack of skill continues to hold those portfolios refusing to heed sound advice, much in the way single issue leaders believe they can also be statesmen. Any student of history will be able to say that no one in the current leadership has shown any statesmanship qualities and there I rest this case.

When one reads today’s newspapers we are told that this US backed resolution will be an obstacle to LASTING PEACE. What does that tell you? The leadership by this very statement has admitted there is NO lasting peace at present. Any child will tell you peace does not need overseas intervention to be lasting. All we need is a home grown understanding. Both the opposition and Govt. despite posturing have not been able to come up with one. It is simply a compromise by two parties to a platform of behavior and contracts which will enable both parties to thrive in peace, without threat. This WE CANNOT SEEM TO DO. So do not blame outside parties, who for reasons of their own are attempting to interfere in the inner workings of our Sovereign State.

A strong Government with a 2/3 majority, to change the Constitution, acts like a minority. That is the indictment. Thus seeming inability to draw strength from this electoral base reflects the shaky foundations they find themselves in and has appealed to the baser instincts of the people and the fear factor and the misuse of the word patriotism to illustrate the level of treachery against the state itself.

If only we can illustrate this dichotomy to convince the people how and why the truth has been distorted, they will not permit these charlatans a day’s grace to flee this country. I hope they do realize that even China will NOT accept their asylum, showing how isolated they will be, when they have turned on their friends, those who put them in this position, and those who trusted them implicitly.

It does not take a rocket scientist to understand why we are in this situation. They have nowhere else to go, no better alternative to follow and so act in this selfish manner. We the people must understand that our future contentment depends on the removal of the current leadership from their ability to harm the nation.

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