Friday, November 4, 2011

Who is conducting this Orchestra that is strangling the future?

I have tried to use my contacts to look into who it is that is attempting to bring in surreptitious legislation to strangle the future investment, development, progress and entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka. No one claims ownership and it the only government spokesman defending this draft bill referred to in the earlier blog post, was the Media minister, asserting that it was a means to take back organizations that had been given state assistance such as subsidized land or tax concessions, but which have not performed to the satisfaction of the state. Do you really think that a competent authority appointed by the state is going to do a better job, even if the earlier assertion is in fact true?

I rather think not and there is a more sinister move afoot. The haste with which this was done, with the attorney general’s office, legal draftsman providing an initial document which to their dismay was completely overhauled by a private legal firm, being a recently retired legal luminary in government. This has so annoyed the AG’s office that it is more than likely that they to spite the break in protocol will infuse the bill with a legal ‘faux pas’. The draft was rushed through the Supreme Court in 48 hours that it is constitutional. It will revert to them after passing for interpretation due to the aforesaid spanner!

That said, we go back to who is the culprit, and it is more than likely to be from the Treasury, where an embittered man wants to take some revenge on people he does not like before his final farewell from power. Remember government servants are ‘no bodies’ upon retirement, especially those who have been convicted and then reinstated! The possibilities therefore of the last hurrah should be considered.

Taking the 4 organizations with the most value in the list of 37, namely Chalmers, Tractors, Pelwatte and Sevenagala something quite suspicious crops up. The possibility that the Hingurana principals, along with a big overseas investor (read into it billions of commissions) want access to the factories and warehouse space so that a sugar plantation of huge proportion can be set up, to make a dent in the self sufficiency of sugar in Sri Lanka. There is no way the current setup can achieve this, and labor costs are too high for manual effort and huge machinery investment require other guarantees. With expected huge devaluation in 2012, the value of a local mega sugar factory plantation is too good to let go. The palm greasing possibilities are so great that these people will sell their mothers for money and in this case are selling their country! It is sad that all genuine concerns for the country are set aside in this wholesale pawning of national assets that future generations will have to suffer to pay, after the perpetrators have passed on.

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