Friday, November 11, 2011

Can you seriously consider the nerve and arrogance of a ruling BRO to make patronizing statements?

The arrogance of the Ruling family! And the pride with which Basil considers the term the “Rajapkse Samagama” being a strong point, is quite galling to put it mildly. An article I read on the WEB from the Island and I quote from there:

“Our family has dominated Politics…….we are professional politicians.” That is what is wrong with them. They have no clue how to develop a country and set an example. Sure they know how to appeal to the gallery and con them into voting for them.

“The government is transparent and it is required by law…it must be remembered that every leader in this country had been accused of totalitarianism.” It seems only his opinion, and the majority of this country will contradict him on that fact. As for totalitarianism, I would say all Presidents only not all leaders.

“This saddens me……but I suppose PR and public awareness is weak.” What an understatement! The govt. is engaged in a PR exercise, which fools people into believing they are doing something. Just look at the full page advertisements in daily newspapers on the projects they are either laying a foundation stone for or opening. Much of the credit should go to previous regimes due to gestation.

“However this govt. and the President has received an overwhelming mandate…..Citizens of this country can go about their business in peace……. The President cannot go overseas and freely as he would like…… some elements ….trying to haul him up for purported crimes.” This use of the war win at this stage which has given him the mandate is now past, and people’s freedom to live and do what they want is not. We are purportedly at peace! As for the President I have no idea why he goes overseas so often, and he is, as I write. The war crimes issue will never go away as long as the arrogance of non acceptance of responsibility cannot be carried outside of these shores. Those within are willing to let go, due to the tragic history of violence over 40 years. To the battle hardened citizens that is the least of their problems. International norms differ.

“The President is not being accused before the International Community of being corrupt……the President and his government are not being censured for corruption and transparency, because these clearly aren’t issues in the country.” Is he in dreamland? No President of any country is accused of being corrupt. There is no international law to prosecute for corruption outside, by the international community. They are not issues in the country because the people know there is little they can do. Everyone believes the govt. is corrupt but accept it as normal.

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