Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wake up Mr President even your special biriyani is in jeapordy!!

An unprecedented event took place at the Colombo Tea Auctions. Akbar Brothers arguably the largest purchaser of Teas at the weekly auctions did not buy. They voted with their feet not raising their hands to bid. The price of tea dropped an average of Rs25/- per kg and most of the lots were withdrawn.

The reason was that Mervyn Silva is threatening! He wants the contracts to transport teas and refuse tea. This is tantamount to holding the largest tea exporter to ransom by a two bit jerk. After all Akbars supplies the first family with their favorite biriyani whenever it suits the taste buds of the members of the ruling family.

The time has come to silence this threat to the development of Sri Lanka and to fair trade, and commerce devoid of protection rackets and every other type of racket that has been tolerated for this long by a person who does not seem to have any redeeming qualities left. The fact that people still do not understand, and by people I mean the first person in the land is an indictment of his incompetence or that he does not care about the people of Sri Lanka.

There is no rule of law in Sri Lanka, the self same person threw a bottle of water and was also caught on tape saying he was one who fought but will not admit in public for so doing. So when pathological liars are given sanctuary in the sacred well of the House of Parliament then Democracy in Sri Lanka is dead for all intents and purposes. We who are willing to sacrifice our lives for the Constitution, where the Independence of Judiciary and the Legislature from the Executive have to watch and see all this being eroded by the Executive with impunity, and condoning action such as we see in Parliament without a word against the wrongdoers means one thing. The President himself is approving of the behavior of his people. There are no ifs and buts on this issue.

A country is only as good as its leader and when the leader behaves in such a way by protecting his own people and befriending the unpatriotic near do wells of the land, that amounts to him being the same and nothing else. No amount of showmanship can disprove that which is self evident.

So please if you really value your country please take a stand and give the freedoms back so the people who use your name to commit these daily crimes against the people of Sri Lanka are severely punished and we can hope to live in peace and harmony free from political interference in the name of the Leader

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