Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A sinister by-product of the Expropriation Bill - sorry "The Revival of Underperforming Enterprises and Underutilized Assets Bill"

It is now obvious the Business Community is shit scared of what is in store for them and believe that being IN with the Government will save them from future slaughter. That kind of fear psychosis leads to the mistaken belief that if they play according to the state’s rules and not help anyone in the opposition they will be safe from being taken over. They are sadly mistaken as it is purely if you are out of favor at the moment rather than how much help you actually gave the government that matters. In the case of Harry Jayawardene no amount of funding for the SLFP has spared him. This then is the stark truth and NO ONE is safe.

Living in this time of well healed people in Colombo, they dare not help the opposition in case their businesses are taken over on some spurious grounds and given to some friend of the government. This indirect gagging of the opposition it is hoped would prevent any resurgence of the UNP so that the existing rule can become Ghadaffiesque with as grand a fall as he faced. Live is not that certain, and now it is quite apparent to many people what is going on and the threats anyone not within the government faces.

Fortunately the roles of the UNP and the Alliance have changed with the Alliance seen as right wing and corrupt and UNP more left of center to protect all those who are persecuted. This transformation then enables the UNP to rely less on the traditional rich funder, and more on the working class to take up the fight against the selfish juggernaught. Once the opposition is able to put its internal fights to bed then there are many a government MP willing to cross over due to them being fed up with the level of graft of the rulers. In crossing over they will however be asked to change the party allegiances so that one large party will emerge out of the mess.

It is therefore clear that the govt. is handing the opposition the first fool proof piece of cake in the form of the Act to justify to the masses that the whole reason for their not being in employment is that the government has put a damper to inward investment which will in the end affect the employment prospects of everyone today. It is now incumbent on the opposition to maximize on this once in a lifetime opportunity to re-connect with their traditional power base and reorganize their grass roots and their message to enable a resurgence of support, to go forward.

It is therefore important that they know how to snooker the govt. using this bill as ammunition in backing up their vision for the future that ensures the rule of law and justice that is administered fairly without prejudice and obtain the support of the masses for their cause, highlighting the arrogance of too much power.

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