Sunday, November 27, 2011

The planned anti-government demonstration in Hyde Park on the 29th November 2011

The UNP is trying as a test of its organizational skills to draw as many people from all parts of the country on a weekday to demonstrate against the government and thereby show the government by a show of hands that there is a significant population who disapprove of what the government is doing in a whole host of areas, and is willing to sacrifice time and money to come to demonstrate.

The demo is targeting the very biased verdict of the High Court on the so called
“white flag case” the General was convicted for three years, on breaking a nebulous law about incitement which was only valid during the emergency regulations and which no longer applies. The nature of the judges, especially Saleem a Rajapakse acolyte who owes his very existence to the President, shows that there is absolutely no independence of the judiciary left in Sri Lanka.

It is also expected to cover the Expropriation Act and for the public to show their disapproval of the actions of the government in passing legislation, on an ad hoc basis targeting anyone they dislike as well as rush through legislation that has not been properly thought about. The backlash of this Act against investments in Sri Lanka far outweigh any political or revengeful benefit they expected and is indicative of the behavior of a govt. that has become too cocky.

Obviously this is a general demo by all opposition parties against the acts of the state that even include pressuring Buddhist priests into appointing favorites to temples when the Chief Priest vacancies come about, as just happened in the Sri Pada Temple, where a govt. sycophant was installed and everyone who had a vote was threatened to vote for the govt. choice or else!!!! Scenario. So they vote out of fear for their temple, and their well being, throwing all greed and need into the ring.

As for the ability to bring in a large crowd, it is an expensive thing to do as the UNP is not subsidizing anyone. People have to find their own way and pay their own and even take time off to attend the rally, where a whole day’s work could be lost for them. This kind of commitment will identify the wood from the trees and one may be able to ascertain the real party faithful. During the internal party conflicts it is expected that all differences will be set aside for the time being to make this rally a success, against a lot of odds. The weather being one as there are unexpected drenching showers in Colombo these days.

It is also expected that the government will try and attempt to prevent buses full of demonstrators to come into Colombo for this event. One does not know what kind of hindrances will take place, but it is easy for the security forces to prevent a crowd gathering using a whole host of legal means, be they be legitimate or just to prevent the freedom of expression.

The state spy network has infiltrated the UNP ranks as was reported in today’s paper which noted that the President was informed prior to his arrival in Parliament to give the budget speech that the UNP were planning a demonstration including the upholding of placards in Parliament and also a possible walkout which happened in the end. It is important therefore to ensure that this demonstration is peaceful and any reason for a skirmish to be firmly blamed on the police force which has already been asked to be prepared for any outcome.

The confrontational method of the instructions to the police does not bode well for the freedoms of peaceful protest, but then who said this administration cared or even tolerated peaceful protest. They will inevitably blame it on the laws being broken, as the demonstration is likely to disrupt traffic in the areas close to the demonstration and if the crowds spill on to the road then they could accuse of the demonstrators of obstructing a public highway and arrest and use tear gas or water cannon against the crowd.

The ability of the UNP to get even a decent crowd to fill the place with this short notice on a party that is bankrupt in funds and bankrupt in ideas as to how to take the moral high ground from a completely bankrupt administration will in itself be an indication of how easy it will be to resurrect the fortunes of the party with a little leadership that is charismatic and inspiring. That is something the party does not have nor does the party have any individuals who can show that which is required for leadership in the century, with a quick mind and ability to galvanize people by using the latest technologies both to inform, keep in touch and communicate his ideas as well as instructions to the party faithful, for example for demonstrations to be held in Hyde Park or for that matter anywhere in the island.

Mrs Anoma Fonseka has indicated her willingness to speak at the demonstration, and the JVP which has been invited does not seem to have accepted the invitation to join forces. Therefore this will primarily be a UNP effort, which the detractors of the leader would love to fail so they can point a finger at the leader. It is therefore in the interest of the leader to get as many people to attend.

It was rumored that Sajith Premadasa would have his people meet elsewhere and come in force, to show that he has a following in excess of the leader’s and we shall see who wins this beauty contest. Let us hope it is a peaceful protest.

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