Saturday, November 5, 2011

The unceasing waves of attacks continue with now “Web Sites” targeted

If this is not evidence of the impending implosion of Sri Lanka what is? Why is this State so frightened of criticism if they have nothing to hide or hide from? This attack just announced is the latest wave of attempts to choke the truth. The state is hell bent on repression, as oppression is now defunct and done with.

In the period to date, they felt that stifling criticism by way of abductions of media personnel and intimidation of people in rural areas who are usually very frightened of the local politician thugs and his enforcer the OIC. Now it is taken to cyber space. Who do they think they are trying to kid by registering websites. Are they frightened the Arab Spring will turn into the Sri Lankan monsoon.

Shame on you! We work so hard to get this country working and the state works so hard to dampen hard work, and instead gives a place to thugs, drug dealers, and pistol wielding ex- army personnel to run their private armies, in addition to the official forces. The treachery of the state against the populace who are unable to fight back is disgraceful. I would only hope people wake up from this deep sleep and rise to point out what is right and wrong and what is deeply unpatriotic in our system.

2012 portends a year of absolute anarchy in Sri Lanka and to stifle people’s revolt all areas of potential fallout are currently being isolated by the Presidential Secretariat and dictates are emanating from these analyses such as the latest one referred to here. We who can actually express our views owe it to our society and the country we so love to prevent a bunch of thugs from hijacking free enterprise, freedom of expression in all it forms, and all the assets that the millions of people are working hard to earn for their families by denying them their rightful share.

Wake up, reality bites and now it is bites harder than ever. Do not let yourself be influenced by others, just work it out for yourself by purely evaluating and analyzing the facts as they are today, determine where we are headed. Those currently backing the regime will turn against them once a few turned heads in their camp put sense into them. Till then, it is a lone battle to ask the people to consider what they want for the future and whether the current direction of policies will ever able them to achieve their own personal and communal objectives.

I appeal to all patriots, let us call this treachery for what it is and pass the only sentence treachery dictates, for the sake of all our future generations, your kids and grand kids if you have them. They will forever be indebted to your sacrifice.

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  1. I think some websites are already difficult to access.

    Surpisingly few people get their news from the web, but even those who do that will be denied?