Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Democratic National Alliance and the Democratic Party it’s all confusion!- No show at the Rallyw

A statement was issued today that the Democratic Party of which Sarath Fonseka is the leader, will not participate in the rally Organized by the UNP against the Government. It further says that Anoma the wife of the General who earlier had indicated participation, will not participate, and is sending her regrets, but sends her best wishes to the UNP for the success of the Demonstration.

The reason behind this is that they are in Parliament as the DNA, namely the Democratic National Alliance. The constitution of the group does not permit the participation in any gathering organized by a party outside this coalition. One of the main issues the demonstration was organized was to show the people’s disapproval of the kangaroo court decision to lock the General for 3 years on an incitement charge, when a whole host of worse crimes of Government MPs and Ministers go unpunished.

It is therefore a slap in the face of these people, to use a technicality to snub this event. I feel if the General does not apologize on behalf of his party for this behavior he is not worthy of being represented or people agitating on his behalf. We must face facts, if he represents a party that hides behind a technicality not to demonstrate, then the UNP has every right not to have any common platform with the JVP or the General. It is important therefore to use this incident as an example why the UNP should forever sever their ties with the General no matter what the public opinion is, and allow him to float freely on his own. People must understand a simple act of compassion and a show of disapproval. In fact the DNA should have lent a hand, or at least permitted all their members to freely attend this demonstration even if they did not wish to actively participate.

The UNP should once and for all realize who and what they should agitate for. The rationale and the explanation for their rank and file as to whys and why nots must be given with simple explanations to justify each stance they decide to take.

When it comes to showing strong disapproval over the Expropriation Act and the various items in the Budget and what was left out they have a voice that is not necessarily one that the DNA agrees with and for that I believe the platform the DNA adopted is rational on their part. The latter points should carry the day in the agitation, though the General issue resonates with the UNP faithful in the villages who sometimes look for a simplistic way of showing and reasoning their disapproval. Either the absence of the DNA is regretted and the show must go on.

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