Friday, November 25, 2011

Sarath Fonseka – What to do with him? Sajith, Arjuna have called a meeting

What do we do with this thorn in the backside? He was the General who won the war, who the President praised from every hill top as the man who saved this country from a lifetime of subjugation. That was until he shouted his mouth off, became the common candidate for the combined opposition a sorry ass bunch of strange bedfellows and who in the campaign trail effectively warned the rulers that he would line the lot of them and have them summarily executed. If that was not enough he is alleged to have told a lady Newspaper reporter that Gotabhaya Rajapakse had given the order to take no prisoners.

So he is serving 3 years RI for shouting his mouth off, a very harsh term when rapists and murderers in the government ranks even as Ministers and Rulers get off scot free with no one to dare prosecute them. The emergency regulations under which he was found guilty does not apply today if he makes the same statement!! After all the whole case was a kangaroo court, and Frederica Janz at best is a liar and at worst a ‘Mata Hari’. So taking her word, whilst Lal Wickrematuge her boss, who was supposedly at the same meeting where this allegation was made, was not called to give testimony, is further evidence of justice denied! What is more, some members of the opposition the ‘kondak nathi’ Sajith is scheming in anger, ready to offer him the UNP leadership on a plate today, just to spite RW whose sight he cannot stand.

So can you imagine how a person who can sell his own party for spite, and just to try a fast one as he is no leadership material use Sarath as his surrogate in a cowardly act at best. Sarath Fonseka in power will just as easily incarcerate Sajith as he would Mahinda, no matter how many Bhodi Poojas he carries out for SF. This is the state of mind of the opposition, and the lack of any real men with leadership qualities. Please, let a real woman rise up from the ashes to take over this unruly mob, who do not have a direction, an opinion, and a vision to counter the daily crap thrown at us by the likes of this broken Sandanaya Government.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and Arjuna Ranatunge has been brought in for this so called ‘coup de tat’. Needless to say they cannot organize a piss up in a brewery, but like to be seen to be doing something. Planning my dear man is not calling a meeting. It is putting your complete rationale on paper or on computer, debating it first by yourself and then with some of your bright trusted aides before venturing into the big wide world to share it with others of equivalent talent. This is not done and it shows when disjointed statements are made to the press, all of which are pulled apart as trash talk which then gets no traction.
The papers report that the UNP are organizing a mass protest in Hyde Park on Tuesday the 29th of November 2011 at 2pm. One is to demonstrate against the treatment of Sarath Fonseka, to which Mrs Anoma Fonseka has agreed to participate. Further it is also to show anger at the Expropriation Act and any other misdeeds the government will come up between now and then. Note the complete news blackout in the Press about Mervyn threatening Akbars after its first outing!

Pray what happened? Pres called in Akbars and said he will take care of it and stop Mervyn in his tracks. However no one reported that in the press for fear of arousing Mervyn’s or Lokka’s wrath. That is how the banana republic operates.

So back to where I started! What is to be done about Sarath? How long will he be incarcerated? Will he be released? What does he want? Should he be given another stab as the common opposition candidate? Will Sajith offer him the UNP leadership, and will Arjuna join? Will this break up the UNP into pieces because the old timers do not want an ex- soldier no matter that he beat the LTTE to lead a political party. They are too wise to know that a military man cannot be trusted. SF is bent on revenge for the personal attack by Rajapakses that his maniacal attitude will not be good for the country. There are lessons to be learned from all of this.

1       We tolerate any joker out of desperation if we believe he has a following.
2       We lose sight of the big picture in our search for an alternative.
3       We trust our leaders to do the right thing even if he has nothing upstairs.
4       We put no weight in common sense and back spurious arguments.
5       We never ask a housewife who stays at home to bring up the kids for hers.
6       We have no patience in our search to find the needle in the haystack.
7       We love ourselves too much over those who we love to hate.
8       We are too impetuous to listen to reason and experience. We know better.
9       We grab and discard our friends like they are disposable nappies.
10  We think we know what is right and so everyone else is wrong.
11  We lust for power over any other desire, sex included.
12  We do not go back to basics to find the solution to the deepest problem.
13  We are looking at the dark cloud for a silver lining, when there are no clouds
14  We cannot see what is right in front of us, and are constantly looking behind.
15  We do not care about what we do, as we do not know what we care about.
16  We have no principles over which we are prepared to lay down our lives.
17  We must learn to love before we can hate, only then can we reason well.
18  We are not human but animal, and that gut instinct is what we pursue.
19  We wish we had more, done more, lived more, but not loved more.
20  We want it now as tomorrow we are nothing, but the world will still be there

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