Friday, November 18, 2011

The Prageeth Ekneligoda disappearance gets more bizarre courtesy of the State spokesman

In a bizarre twist the former AG Mohan Peiris speaking at a UN session, said that he had on good authority that the above journalist who disappeared nearly two years ago is in a foreign country. This was after the government was accused in international fora as being responsible for his disappearance, death and disposal of his remains. So it seems that in their usual way when it gets too hot to handle the trick of ‘water off a ducks back’ is used to extricate themselves from this tight spot

The missing journalist’s wife along with civil society activists have howled for immediate answers and explanations which in true state fashion are not forthcoming explaining that these are Mohan Peiris’s own information which they are not privy to!! The usual explanation in a Banana Republic.

It is a study of lying when one sees the Media minister now a pass master in the act of pathological lying to explain away all the allegations as easy as they are passed on without a care for the inconsistency of the statements he makes through time on the same issue, that is sometimes diametrically different to the earlier prognostication.

Anyone in media, and now even bloggers are fair game for their writing. It must be remembered and history is a great teacher of the pattern that humans adopt the world over when they are attempting to get away with blue murder to silence the messenger. In the end it is the silencer who is double crossed by the very same people who either hired him, or who are his patrons, as to then even he is expendable.

The fourth estate in Sri Lanka, namely the press is all we have left, and it seems that the mainstream media dare not speak the truth as they have economic interests that are compromised by the truth. It therefore falls on to the blogger and the social media networks to pass the message around and request all clear thinking people to look at what is happening around them and make up their minds as to who to believe and the true state of the world, and in this case Sri Lanka.

We can then hope to prevent any more journalistic abductions and disappearances, and retain our freedoms of expression and speech and permit the journalists to dig into the dirty deeds of those who govern us and rob from the average citizen to pad their own insignificant lives, turning in friends and relatives even for their own personal gain. We must grab the moral high ground as we seek no personal gain from this, but a sea change in the distribution of factual information to the readers.

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