Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lifting of emergency regulations in Sri Lanka long overdue

The state of Emergency that was established in 2005 after the assassination of Lakshman Kadirgamar who was the Foreign Minister in Mrs Kumaranatunge's cabinet is long due for lifting. In fact with over two years since the annihilation of the LTTE the Govt. is still acting as if these are needed to contain any terrorist threat.

While agree it is 20/20 hindsight about everything, it is obvious that the Emergency regulations have been used by the Govt. to suppress all civil liberties and there have been no security threat during the whole period, which goes to suggest it has been purely their scare mongering to suit their own agenda of suppression.

It was reported that Parliament may withdraw the Emergency when it comes for debate next. It is rather unseemly how much parliamentary time has been spent in extending the emergency along with the spurious reasons thereof. While it is true we will find LTTE hidden arms for a few more years due to their extensive efforts at burying them all over the North that is no excuse for keep all freedoms suppressed, giving rise to the dictatorship that currently exists.

The extent of violations carried out in the name of the Emergency by the Govt. has already far exceeded the probable compromises that could have occurred during this same period of time. We are a country where even Namal Rajapakse's own phone is tapped by Ghotabaya, Rajapakse making one wonder who the real enemy is and to be able to do this with impunity is one that cannot be tolerated. I would also go so far as question the sanity of the latter in doing so as it borders on paranoia! Something that has been confirmed by those knowledgeable on the subject having seen him speak and act.

With villains like this roaming around in heavily armed convoys it is much like a pariah state that this beautiful country has been reduced with few of the citizenry being aware of it either. This is the credit one gives the powers who are able to suppress any dissent due to the false sense of security it superimposes on its citizenry by way of showmanship and false propaganda.

History will judge this act, and we nor the perpetrators will not be around to comment on this but why should we wait that long as the damage being done to the country both internally and outside is something that will take decades of hard work to reverse.

Let us hope that having said all I have said above, the state of emergency can be lifted for the sake of the people of Sri Lanka. That is all of them and not just a few who pretend to lead it out of altruism.

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  1. I meant to mention one small point, where even Mrs Kadirgamar showed her true colors to the world when she had the audacity and pomposity to announce to Mahinda Rajapakse, that had he been President at the time of the assassination that Lakshman Kadirgamar would not have been killed.

    This after MR had visited her at the house where LK was killed, on the 6th anniversary of his death. I personally think that was in poor taste, knowing that it was Chandrika Kumaratunge who was President, and the JVP wanted him as PM and it was I believe MR and his advisers who put a stop to that under threat.

    How history changes!! And the leopards change their spots!!