Monday, August 15, 2011

The glee of some " they are worse than us" apologists for a 4 day rampage of a bunch of miscreants in the UK

The UK riots seem to elicit an enormous amount of smugness in Sri Lanka, amongst a lot of people who really have not encountered the basest instincts of some our own citizens.

I read a piece in a blog by some journalist who took pleasure at calling the UK prime minister one who never had a moral compass to begin with. As if any of our current leaders are better!

I assume much of his ire is understandable as he appears to take umbrage at those who try  to tell others how to behave when their own issues begs some form of correction. However much of the fact he uses for his attacks on the UK in particular or the West in general is taken directly from introspection of their own writers and journalists who have not been persecuted and called anti  -patriotic for drawing attention to their skeletons, that their leaders would prefer to have swept under the carpet.

Most of the ammunition our writers discover to find fault with our erstwhile detractors is written by investigative journalists in those very same countries. They have a honorable tradition of investigation into wrongdoings so that misbehavior can be highlighted and the culprit be shamed. There is no accusation of them being called anything but patriotic, to clean up the practices of some of their lawmakers or captains of industry.

Any similar investigative journalist in Sri Lanka will be lynched or at least hounded out of the country as being anti-patriotic and more likely a traitor to the country for bringing to light the transgressions of our traitors. The sad fact as most of those who engage in wholesale corruption, lawlessness and murder in Sri Lanka are traitors of the country, and seem to get away with it by frightening right thinking people who wish to criticize their activity into a frenzied public outcry of being against the country. The herd instinct of the masses in Sri Lanka is far more vicious than anything that can be found on the streets of deprived UK inner cities. 

We therefore are left with the voice of the yes men journalists who for some reason cannot even find fault with the transgressors of their own country and when confronted with some sad facts of transgression point the fingers to those outside our country almost by way of reaction.

Sri Lanka is a great country with many great individuals, however the political landscape has been completely obliterated by the worst scum of society, who then used as examples for others to emulate, creating a rotten society of criminals, most of whom are either led by or practice their criminality by the grace of the alliance in power, and so our moral compass is so far out of line, that whatever moral compass David Cameron is tagged with is simply benign by comparison.

There is a hard core of us with no funding from anyone, risking our lives every day to clean up the sick society where innocent people are accused even in the Grease Devil scene out of mob mentality, that the culprits all get away with blue murder on a daily basis where law and order has completely broken down and there is no one who seems to have the courage to get up and do something about it as any moral stand taken is literally shot down by a mob backed by the pied pipers in power.

In the end truth will prevail as we must have faith that we can by our silent campaign, slowly but surely ensure that good triumphs over evil, and right wins the day from the wrong doers and we can build a genuinely just, compassionate society in keeping with teachings of the Lord Buddha and the devil worshipers in the guise of the current regime will never be able to raise its ugly head again on this blessed land.

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