Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The never ending saga of justification - "Humanitarian Operation a Factual Analysis"


I cannot for a moment understand why  Mahinda (President and Commander in Chief in addition to the Minister of Defense) and Gotabhaya ( Secretary to the Ministry of Defense) are holding this beautiful country to ransom due to their own agendas of trying to exonerate themselves from guilt.

The whole report published and presented at an elaborate ceremony at the Hilton, which I witnessed, did not fool anyone. It was preaching to those who already had an opinion. After all the only sin that has been committed is that the Defense Secretary told the field commanders to take no prisoners. It means simply to kill only the senior LTTE commanders who had they lived would have caused GOSL untold problems. Indirectly as Commander in Chief Mahinda was also implicated. So what is the big deal? We all know it why try and say that was not the case. If I was in their position I may have said the same the thing so that we could kill this cancer once and for all and prevent any resurgence.

I do not wish to go into the other multitude of atrocities that were committed in that week, and few are crying over that though technically they all come under the strict definition of war crimes including the way Praba and his family were killed. It is in a moral sense no different to the US executing Osama, and I don't think any sane person on earth regrets their passing. (aka Hitler) The Collateral damage is regrettable but inevitable.

If there was any man left in the two of them, they should have admitted it then and have done with it without having the country and the defense forces dragged in the mud. They should then have faced the consequences at that time and we will not have had to go through this and years more of time wasting and delayed development due to such selfish moves of two extremely unpatriotic and in my view treasonable individuals.

Treasonable because they seem to be selling the country for personal gain, and the sentence is the firing squad. They will have to face it in this life if not the next so it their Waterloo, but taking the country down with them is something I will definitely not permit.

Fooling the people of Sri Lanka is one thing, that is for history to judge as so many people have fooled their constituents in their lifetimes. Fooling themselves into believing they are anything more than rascals is another thing. 

We know the rights and wrongs and also the details of what happened. We know the atrocities that were committed in the heat of the battles and also as part of the victors spoils, with no reference to the Geneva conventions. We know the thousands of mobile videos in the hands of the small fry in the forces showing their bravado of how they killed and belittled the hated enemy, and the few that got to the Channel 4 just is a small part. The Diaspora in their desperation to make a point screwed up royally by trying to concoct an already slam dunk case and that latter misdeeds are what the SL officials are trying to pin their hopes on in fooling the general public.

I know from my friends in the Indian government that they are having a good laugh at all this as they have all the original tapes and many taken from our soldiers by RAW for money. They know the facts, they just do not want to use it against the GOSL for obvious reasons, but are smirking at the slimy way the two culprits are trying to get away from the blame game!

Sri Lankan public we are far greater than a few scoundrels holding this country to ransom, rise up and tell them to get off the ship with their ill gotten loot and leave us to solve our problems, to return to the great state we once were. We can do it and will put the past two years of denial behind us and start anew as one country and one people, all Sri Lankans

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