Saturday, August 13, 2011

The only sure way for Sajith to wrest Leadership of the UNP is by EARNING IT!!!

I am in no doubt that the Majority of the UNP want Ramil to resign from the Leadership of the UNP, but I have yet to read or be told of anyone who can take his place, with conviction. No one denies Ranil's integrity and courage of his convictions, but his grip on the top spot with an iron fist is one where critics of his party and others in the country maintain is non-democratic, whilst he stands for the purest form of democracy. It is true that the UNP constitution was changed so that at each working committee meeting in December a majority vote can determine who the party's nominee for the Leadership is and so that canard has been put to rest. However what has surfaced now is that the Working Committee is weighed heavily in favor of his people thereby overwhelmingly giving him the Leadership even in a majority vote.

That seems to be the reason why Sajith finally declines a contest to put his hat in the ring for the Party leadership knowing he did not have support in the Working Committee. In my opinion however I do believe he should have contested, as even if he lost he would have had the courage of his convictions to battle it out and make his leaderhip bid with his own cards on the table and convince the doubters of his ability to rise to the challenge and contest. In fact I know that he lost a lot of following due to his backing down and accepting a spurious post of Deputy Leader or co- deputy!

Using the results of the most recent local Government elections and the disastrous showing of the UNP, there was added push by the Sajith loyalists with hardly an experienced hand in that collection, to resurrect his bid but cloaked in one that requested Karu Jayasuriya instead to stand as the leader with this motley collection standing behind him supposedly directing KJ in the way they want. This new ambit seems to have gathered new momentum in a need to oust Ranil mode rather than a need to really settle the party leadership issue. Again in my view this kind of stop gap is neither here or there and despite KJ being acceptable to most of the anti Ranil group it is still not a pr KJ or pro Sajith group, which does not bode well for the party.

Under this scenario, I firmly believe Sajith should make a sure bid for the leadership by throwing down the gauntlet or otherwise sneak back to Hambantota to lick his wounds like a little boy who has been denied a captaincy in a big boys team. What then should he do? It is simple. At the next working committee meeting get up in front of everyone and challenge all  present in the following way. "Allow me the party nomination for the Colombo Municipal Council, Mayor's post, and if I am able to show a commanding lead over the UPFA in this contest, guarantee my Leadership of the Party from the next Leadership contest in December 2011. I honestly believe there will not be one person who will oppose that move, not even Ranil. This kind of consensus candidate can and will obtain the support of the whole UNP including those who do not believe he has what it takes. The bankrupt party will get the funds it so badly needs to fight this election, and whoever the UPFA put into their candidate he will be able to win, as the party will bank their future on this beginning to take it forward, as a party that has fallen so much needs a catalyst of this nature to get any life back into itself.

I for one who today do not believe Sajith has what it takes to be the leader, will change my mind if he is able to win, and I will actually bat for him if he is able to propose a proper framework of action as a manifesto on how to sort out the current bolshevik cleanup that is taking place in Colombo in a cavalier and indiscriminate way. I am sure the UNP will also be rewarded for the courage of their convictions of putting such a high profile candidate for the position and the party's reversal of fortunes can begin.

To those who say it will be his Waterloo, and that he cannot afford to give up the Hambantota electorate, as well as the greater problem of the vote being rigged by the UPFA government, I say just give one chance. There is always a risk, as the current elections commissioner who looks clean is still in the pay of Thilanga Sumithipala (he owes his rise to him alone) as he was his lackey in the cricket board many moons ago and will rig anything for his former master.

I believe it is worth taking this risk, as there is time to get a tide that is so great that rigging will be impossible, as some compromise should be agreed upon with the UDA and the dreaded Ghotabaya who is taking on Colombo singlehandedly in the Bolshevik coup, so that GR can rest easy that the new MC will work with him for the best interest of Colombo, its citizens and all who live work and visit this city, so that it can truly be developed into a beautiful and livable place with proper rules and regulations fairly and justly carried out and enforced.

I am convinced that in this scenario, no one will begrudge Sajith the leadership, and if Ranil had any doubts about Sajith's ability that would be removed paving the way for Ranil to support Sajith for the betterment of the party (UNP) and hopefully of the Country (Sri Lanka) so that Rajapakistan can once and for all be eliminated from this country and justice and democracy regained.


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