Wednesday, August 24, 2011


In the current context of Sri Lanka in September 2011 in the cusp of the removal of the PTA or the Prevention of Terrorism Act where the Emergency Regulations in force are expected to be lifted shortly, we seem to have a scenario where no one in Sri Lanka feels safe.

You ask any person Sinhala or Tamil or for that matter any Sri Lankan and they will say suddenly we feel very unsafe and that despite heavy Military and Police presence everywhere, with the total Strength of the Security Forces exceeding 500,000. That means we have the largest per capita Security Force on the face of the Earth and that does not count the Private Armies masquerading as a government security service to protect buildings, that is a private concern that has been given the task of doing all the security for public and government buildings that security guards used to do.

How can this situation arise? There is simply only one way and that is when this immense security service becomes the threat as it has today in Sri Lanka. They are no longer seen as the protector of peace, but the single most important reason for the threat of violence, especially of the innocent.

Sri Lanka is the only country where not one disappearance or murder of a journalist has been solved, and not one white van abduction has been solved. In a country with so much security where this sort of event takes place in broad daylight there is no earthly reason to believe any other theory, but the one that says the Government is directly complicit in this. I cannot understand how the President of the Country can continually set up teams of enquiry that do not come out with any answers to the questions posed by him and he says nothing in public about it. This smacks of either his total embarrassment of his incompetence of presiding in a government where they are unable to find the culprits to any of the acts of violence or intimidation, or that he is part of the problem!!!

It is therefore very important that the people take the law into their own hands and forcefully demonstrate against this government inaction so the authorities are forced to admit incompetence or culpability.

It is only a matter of time before this happens and I hope for the sake of all Sri Lankans it is sooner rather than later, so that we carry on our normal activities of building this country with morals, values, hardwork, rid of corruption.


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