Monday, August 22, 2011

Damn shame that the rulers of Sri Lanka did not show any decency in inviting Ghaddaffi

Now Ghadaffi is history, and if the country carries on its destructive corruption, the Rajapakses are also likely to be consigned to the same fate. It is sad therefore that some one who had his arms over Mahinda Rajapakse in Tripoli, would not be invited to spend his last days as a guest of the President when he is about to be hauled up in the ICC and have to answer to crimes against humanity.

Is it that this incumbent also fears one day that he would also have to answer to his sins, and expects the same fate, or worse? That is a tricky question to answer as we do not have twenty twenty hindsight. It is incredible that there are so many parallels to Ghadaffi, except of course the one obvious one, namely that Ghadaffi lasted 42 years. I somehow do not think this incumbent would last a quarter of that, so lets be hopeful.

History is a great teacher of what happens to people who are too pompous and arrogant. Nothing like this happens to the pious and those without ambition, as they leave quietly in a similar way to their arrival.

Leadership is a quality that requires an immense amount of humility, as those who are possessed with arrogance and ambition beyond their ability to handle, are never looked on by history by anything other than despots, a moniker more than likely to be attached to the current ruling regime in Sri Lanka just as much as it will now be attached to Ghadaffi.

When Ghadaffi overthrew a rotten system of a king and corruption, it was with great hope that Libya embraced Ghadaffi as a modern day savior. It is sad that within a short while the leadership of a country seemed to sound like a birthright, and then a family right, which he started to cultivate, where the will of the people would be completely subjugated to that of the family. One notices the amazing similarities in Sri Lanka of just this situation, the human being do not realize what they turn themselves into. They become unrecognizable and try every game in town to muster support and prevent any dissent and try to make believe that the world is a better place because of them, rather than the converse.

Let us hope that we in Sri Lanka are able to muster sufficient public support of right thinking people who are not led by fear, to take action against the complete breakdown of law and order and also the depths with which human life is being valued by this regime, into something that is profound and instantaneous.

Let us therefore hope we can learn from the mistakes of Libya and learn from their example that we do not try to emulate this bad example for the sake of our countrymen but try to prevent such an event by seeing sense from this event and prevent a copycat of this in Sri Lanka by permitting the leadership to carry on their treasonable activities a day longer than necessary.

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