Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The opportunistic Minister of Power - Champika

When there was plenty of rain and all the Hydro Power stations were at full capacity, the CEB did not have to use much imported fossil fuels and so made an operating profit. The Opportunistic Minister of Power took full credit for something he had absolutely no say in nor was he a party to it.

It was disgusting to read some of his statements that he was the first person to turn the CEB into a profit from heavy losses. This kind of brigand and rogue has the audacity to now say that the Monsoon has failed and blame the monsoon for the huge losses CEB is currently incurring due to the need to import large amounts of imported fossil fuels to keep all the Thermal and Coal Power plants in operation.

Why does he not get real and ask questions as to why the coal is shipped from the Trincomalee harbor instead of being brought straight to the Norochcholai harbor and be conveyord from the dock direct to the facility saving huge time and expense in the former procedure. The Minister is 100% to blame for that as the power station was built to carry out that process, which it has failed to do.

It is very sad to have someone from the Hela Urumaya who professes to be a Buddhist behave in such an un Buddhist fashion looking for fame and glory for himself, by saying he is not a person to take bribes or be touched by scandal.

Space does not permit me to go into the details of all his appointments and hugely wasteful and counterproductive deals and half baked ideas that he has come up with like SL manufacturing CFL bulbs, when we can buy them at a quarter of the cost of manufacture.

I am aware that even the President has finally been alerted to the lies and doublespeak of this person and is in the process of doing something, and time will tell if Champika is Chaffing, Champing, or Cheating. I hope he finally consigned to the Gulag before he can do any more damage to Mother Lanka.

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