Monday, July 25, 2011

The analysis of the voting has started and there are as many ideas as there are parties

Consequent upon on 23rd July's local government elections, the analysis thereof has begun and the losers will have a long and hard introspection on whither to go. It is a good position to be in as otherwise complacency will set in.

The Government lost hugely in the North despite all the freebies and carrots dangled over the voter. Only in the island of Kayts and Delft where no one other than Douglas's mob were allowed in did the Govt. win and that is a Pyrrhic victory as it was almost preordained and therefore rigged.

The fact that the Tamil voter opted for the LTTE aligned TNA tells a lot about how badly the Government has handled the One Nation inclusivity of the North. You cannot subjugate a people with fear, distrust and gross violation of people's dignity. The govt. has a lot to learn, and this will add more ammunition against the governments treatment of the people in the North.

There are so few people there, I cannot for the life of me wonder why the govt. acts like a defender who has conquered rather than a gracious victor, in the Buddhist way of life. It is totally due to the racist ideology of the ruling family that sounds patronising that has led to this and not all to blame on the people. However the fear of the people have been aroused by the racist ideology and therefore the people believe there is a continuing threat and has allowed the govt. to do as they please and in fact even endorse the pernicious Emergency.

Yes there are guns still being found well hidden in the North. That does not mean an imminent threat, it is just that our soldiers have taken that long to find them being more interested in acting like a conquering army in their own land!! So something has got to give so we can ensure a peaceful and prosperous future for Sri Lanka. I somehow don't give this govt. much chance at that and hope someone more magnanimous pops up before too long as we will otherwise face another threat.

While the UPFA is smug in their belief that they are there forever it is good for now for the type of society they have created of thuggery and intimidation in all walks of life and in time will get to such a level of incompetence and breakdown of law and order that the people will throw the lot out in the next shot.

That is only when the UNP is able to get out of its self inflicted slumber and inward attacks and look forward to rebuilding the country with morality and ethics, the counters to the immorality and crime that is the present case.

I am hopeful that in time the people will realize the good and bad and vote for good but they have to understand how bad BAD really is before they are able to see the light!!

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