Saturday, July 9, 2011

How rotten can state TV be in its broadcast of cricket? PATHETIC

It is or is it surprising that we in Sri Lanka have not made a stink about the TV advertising on Channel Eye that invariably cuts a ball or two of the first part of an over and barely shows where the ball is hit at the end of the over, so that they can cut to the advertising. I have never in all my years of TV watching seen such ridiculous behavior on the part of the TV administrators to continue this practice.

Once is enough but to continue this in every game means that the technicians and directors in charge of this aspect of the channel don't seem to care a toss about the match or viewing public and only the volume of ads that they are able to put into the time slot so as to maximize their remuneration or that of the channel.

Now that the government has BANNED TV rights to sports by any other non government channel our choices are limited, except for those who are able to afford cable or satellite channels! Such is the regard the state has for the sinhala speaking or poor TV viewing public, and the totally brain dead consumer and public now having got used to accepting what is being fed to them without a whimper.

Such is the state of the nation where the State has succeeded overwhelmingly to beat up the public to accepting all the conditions placed on them with nigh a word of protest in any form of media or letters to the paper that I have seen.

Good luck fair friends in your cozy apathetic behavior to being pummeled by an uncaring State which you so willingly support and continue to accept as being your savior of the last resort. That is exactly according to the master plan of keeping the citizenry in blissful ignorance by removing all thought and reason from the mind of the public.

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