Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sangakkara'a Lecture at Lords irks those who are implicated

It was very brave for Kumar Sangakkara to call a spade a spade. It was done however at the most hallowed ground of Cricket at the MCC headquarters at Lords, amidst a distinguished gathering.

It was a very long one hour talk, the contents of which I have read, and it is amazing how well written/delivered it was, of a man of far more experience and integrity than he is given credit for. I would like to speculate on what he would go on to do once his cricketing career is over, as he is like no other cricketer on the face of the earth, as he has talents that put his cricketing prowess to obscurity.

This article is not intended to be about Sanga, but about the woeful state of cricket in Sri Lanka, which has got to change if cricket is to have the success it deserves, and we are able to tap the talent of our youngsters and take the game to another dimension. The wonton waste in cricket Sri Lanka is shameful, including the billions spent on 2 new cricket grounds that are gathering dust already. Just go to the place and see the mess the insides of these new pavilions and common areas. The stench is unbearable as the authorities as usual do not have the funds to maintain it and manage it as the amounts given for them are in someone's pocket and not used for the purpose they were given and no one is able to manage this mismanagement especially now that the Interim Committee has changed yet again, and so takes no responsibility for the actions of the past.

What is more when the authorities including the Sports Minister are implicated in the scandal, he promptly asks for a review of his actions, to find fault in the legalese of the contract he has signed with SL Cricket where he is forbidden to express anything about his position or cricket without express permission of the authorities lest they be implicated in scandal.

It will be interesting to see what happens here as he may have broken the written rule but made a far more important moral statement. If he is sacked from the team for breaking the rules which the greedy vultures running cricket may do at a moments notice, he will be given honorary MCC membership at Lords and invited to be a permanent member of any country side he wishes to play in.

Anyway Cambridge or Oxford will give him a scholarship to study law and play for the University, something he would prefer to do anyway later, but if he is forced to do it earlier, it is only a benefit for the legal profession and a tragedy for international cricket.

No worries Sanga it is the good name of SL cricket that will suffer and not yours and the jokers who make the decision will have to eat crow at some date.

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