Sunday, July 24, 2011

Is the Northern Voter completely communal minded?

With the UPFA wining Kayts and Delft, one is left to wonder how it was so far against the grain? Surely this was not rigged! With these being islands, one never knows, but I would like to believe that the votes were cast without intimidation and not compromised after that time.

With relatively little canvassing to get the overwhelming support of the reasonable turnout is a noteworthy event in itself, which will find the President who spent an unprecedented three days in campaign liking his wounds with Delft and Kayts for the crumbs given him.

I hope he does not have one of his temper tantrums and throttles Devandanda!!! The message is clear, we have one sole representative of the Tamil people, much as I personally dislike that fact. I blame the President 100% for creating this state of affairs, when he could have done so much to not to buy them with goodies but listen to them. He chose not to and pays the price, with his ego now in tatters!!

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