Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Women being harrased when using public transport in Sri Lanka

Surprise surprise, a report by the Transport Ministry today reinforced the well known issue of female harassment. It is shameful how women are treated by the males who travel and it seems quite acceptable and macho for men to do simple but offensive acts like pinching a woman's bottom or other sensitive parts to annoy and get a kick.

Should I be calling them perverts? What else? This kind of practice must stop and we can only begin this by teaching young people to respect women.

It may be a little known fact, but boys now tend to ring all numbers and when a women answers, tries to chat her up, a complete stranger and with this attention women get suckered into the mass lying that goes on in this field, leading to meeting and later being cheated by the lies that are exchanged.

In this instance the young girls MUST be taught not to answer and put the phone down immediately without engaging in a conversation with these boys. This is the start of more insidious practices and I dare say the parents of the kids do not even know that this goes on under their very noses.

So lets agitate for a better understanding of the sexes and make sure all the men are sensitive to these facts at a young age and taught to respect the elders.

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