Thursday, July 14, 2011

The missed opportunities in Mother Lanka from 2005

It is just once in history that a Government gets a chance like the one the Rajapakse Presidency has got to change the course of a country's future for the better. This opportunity must be used to correct the past wrongs which less powerful leaders could not impose due to their lack of an overwhelming mandate to change the constitution and all forms of executive power to almost as they please.

It is just a reflection of the person who has just been an average Politician with no record of any achievement worthy of a second mention, that he has not been able to rise to the occasion, and instead wears the badge of defense in his actions which is reflective of insecurity, to prevent magnanimous gestures that in the short term may sound political suicide, but which in the long term earn him respect and admiration in transforming an intractable problem into one that has been satisfactorily resolved.

The current obsession with media misinformation, which may have had its merits during the final course of the war, belittles the man and does not enhance his reputation. Misinformation usually works when one has a less educated citizenry and to that end most religions also took advantage of the ignorance of the people and their illiteracy  to instill beliefs which have little place in a thinking world.

It must also be appreciated that the less educated one is then, one is more able to instill dogma. However it is also possible to instill dogma into well educated  and wealthy people when it is a right wing dictatorship, that is not threatening their personal wealth and status. This appears in my opinion to be the situation in Sri Lanka.

It is my opinion that today's rule in Sri Lanka is just by a handful of people who exercise power, and the majority of people do not have a say in what is done or being consulted. The treatise commonly referred to as the Mahinda Chinthana is used as a pretext for doing as they please as the document is in itself very vague and covers a broad spectrum of goals. Its objectives can be easily explained away in some of the actions that are being performed and and the uninitiated who have not read it anyway will just accept that it is by popular mandate that these questionable actions take place.

I agree it is not the goal of the official opposition to pick on each and everything they do and oppose the action for the sake of it. It is more important first to study the action, explain why it is wrong and then come out with an alternative that is an improvement.

The level of bribery and the inability of the public sector to rise up, means that the chances for an early growth in the economy which is sorely required will not take place. It is important to have this growth immediately,  as the window of opportunity is only a further 5 years, before which Sri Lanka becomes a geriatric nation having to undergo far more serious societal problem arising therefrom.

Hence my urgency in ensuring accountability NOW, as we do not have much time left, and it is important using the current demographics to  do this now as in 7 years we would have missed the growth bulge.


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