Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Government is actively raping the Environment

Any one who objects to some the government practices and in this context I refer to environmental damage is threatened by the goons on behalf of the big whig involved in the massive rape of forests reserves and the latest being the buffer zones.

It is a no brainer that in the Sri Lankan context when you give an inch they take a mile. By choosing tourist establishments carefully to put their  environmentally friendly hotels, they are trying to tell the public that all environmental safeguards will be met. I don't believe this hogwash for a moment, as whatever they may say to be granted the privilege of breaking the current laws, they will eventually go against the spirit of the freedom given to them to try and make a buck. It is inevitable that in the case of attracting tourists to view game, they will artificially create a situation to attract animals, by either putting paddy in a strategic place so the elephants come, and salt may do the same thing and begin a system of attracting species by unnatural means.

As it is in Uda Walawe unscurpulous operators are selling food by the elephant fence to people to feed the elephants. If you drive along this fence which goes along the main road to Thanamalvila you will inevitable see at least 3 elephants waiting at the fence to be given bananas or papaya. This is a wholly unnatural thing, to attract elephants to the area. This is the same thing that will be resorted to just like what is done in Kenya in similar circumstances. Ostensibly for tourist dollars, but at a price I do not believe is worth it as the benefit to the communities in the vicinity of the National Parks is minimal.

This government while paying lip service to protect the environment does not give a damn about the environment. Just ask any Environmental Lawyer about this fact and they will tell you almost all the rape of the environment is carried out by politicians or their goons, and so escape prosecution.

It is sad that in every sphere in this country the current dictatorship is acting against the interests of the country and the people who live in it are completely oblivious as to the real issues that are of concern.

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