Friday, July 1, 2011

The lies become even more unbelievable - The murder of an MSD officer

An MSD officer attached to the Administrative Branch of the MSD on Union Place opposite Dialog HQ was murdered last night about midnight. His body was found near a lamp post on Cotta Road in the morning. He had just been on a course in Kalutara on shooting skills. The body was found a long way from the bus stop.

In order to hide this story it was said he was sitting on a wall near the 190 bus stop as he lives in Meegoda and the bus takes him there. He was said to have fallen and got entangled !!!!

I will not waste the readers time in their explanation of how his body got entangled, but is just too ridiculous and how they would know exactly how this happened is in itself beggars belief. What is more there are no 190 buses at that time of night with earliest being around 5am. So he would not be sitting on parapet waiting for the bus at that time.

We sadly live in a country today where even murders are defined as accidents and so do not undergo any investigation. Lets hope those who know the truth will at least blog the facts behind which politician had him bumped off. There appears to be 200 times more murderers in the parliament than in the country at large as defined by per capita of population.

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