Monday, October 29, 2018

Whichever way you look at it, despite the Constitutional nuances, it is clear that the Friday night coup – was nothing other than an illegal coup!

There is no point in going through the legal niceties to justify this or that, that is left to the Supreme Court and finally an immediate (not delayed) summoning of Parliament within 24 hours to determine who holds the confidence of the majority of the duly elected people of this Country.

However for the record, the links below give two arguments for and against:

For a President to take such drastic steps as to shock the nation after close of business on a Friday evening, and stall the Helicopter of the Prime Minister who was in the South, so he could not fly back to prevent his ouster, was a cunning but more to the point a selfish act that will be seen throughout the world as the “rule of the jungle”

As if he does not know about the rule of the jungle and what that does to a Country, so he is complicit in a crime against the Country. A traitor, needing to be hung by the neck as punishment no less.

So it was clear in his speech, by his demeanor that he was lying at the time he was addressing the nation.

The baldfaced lies are purely because he knows the people of the Country can be easily fooled, and will believe any cock and bull story, and can only experience “the cock of the story” in time and realize they have been had, and then it is too late to do anything about it.

Using the element of surprise, the power at his disposal, he could make a decision, which he did. So no one is saying he did not have the power to do so. I am saying he SOLD HIS COUNTRY TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER, while claiming his opponent, in this case Ranil Wickremesinghe was about to the sell the Country to foreigners.

Using this tried and tested XENOPHOBIC canard, which equally and more applies to Rajapakse who he appointed, he tried to legitimize lies by spending a few minutes lying to the nation.
Beginning with by appointing a rogue as the Secretary to the President, namely Hemasiri Fernanado who permitted the Public Money, at People’s Bank to be lent to friends and those who were willing to pay him large bribes, like 10% of the money lended, he put the Administrative Service in jeopardy.

We know then this was planned from that point. It is Ranil Wickremesinghe’s stupidity that he did not smell a rat. So it was a bit rich calling the PM a crook, like the plot calling the kettle black!

So a President to address the nation and call the sitting Prime Minister a crook and all his speech was trying to justify that moniker was TOTALLY OUT OF LINE. It is the people of the Country who should determine that later in an election, as he is the legitimately elected Prime Minister and the President ONLY sitting their with his head still intact because of the Protection of Ranil Wickremesinghe

So for him to turn out the electricity of Temple Trees, and withdraw the Security detachment is a rotten and dirty deed, done with a typically village mentality of uncivilized behavior, in keeping his family tradition of ruining his home District of Polonnaruwa by a generation of plunder for personal gain.

He knows the Sri Lankan people take everything lying down, though they let passions rise for the wrong reasons and create damage to Public Property, that is their property to get rid of their anger, another poor trait of the people.

I need not go into each aspect of his address to the Nation as it was merely an unproven vengeful and fanciful set of allegations made by two bit unrealiable jokers, on whom he is pinning an assassination plot, masterminded by the Indian RAW. Implication being that if he is assassinated Ranil Wickremasinghe automatically becomes the President.

To cut a long story short, and taking the advice of the Speaker who all know is a man of integrity and acting in the best interests of the nation, which he clearly has shown himself incompetent in, he SHOULD HAVE CALLED PARLIAMENT before the coup to show who had the majority to govern. There was a no confidence motion against the PM which the PM was able to win handsomely so what do you do, you choose a questionable means, but all say, YOU MUST IMMEDIATELY CALL PARLIAMENT TO SEE WHO COMMANDS THE CONFIDENCE.

Now the deed is done, we just have to see if a no confidence motion against dubiously appointed Mahinda Rajapakse can be can defeated OR NOT. Just do it to save the nation, and let your personal integrity GO TO HELL!



    This link is also a good read from a person normally associated to be a Rajapakse acolyte!

  2. It was obvious he could not call parliament before hand as he would lose. Rajapakse had intimated that all Sri Lankans are for sale and he has enough of the people's money that he has stolen over 10 years of corrupt rule to buy anyone out at any price. He had said that Sri Lankan MPs will sell their mothers for a song, so he can buy them up for petty cash and Sirisena believed him. So without delay see if he has