Tuesday, October 30, 2018

LATEST: First 15 Crossovers to be paid Rs500M in the MPs Auction

So it’s a no brainer that Swaminathan, Gamini Jayawickrema Perera and John Amaratunga will take this largesse and go to Mahinda, so that when he dissolves parliament in a few months and call elections, they can go into happy retirement with all this money, so what do you think? Do they have principles or are they prostitutes? They will retire anyway but have not been able to make the money they had hoped for under Ranil, so who cares about principles?

I am afraid that is the state of the state in Sri Lanka today, and the stakes for democracy are so high, the people must demand an alternative that retains their inalienable rights over Governing, which the present system clearly is NOT!

Just think about it a Recycling Plant costs Rs 300M. Sri Lanka does not have even one Recycling Plant. Now MPs are for sale at Rs 300M to Rs 500M, and they are constantly being recycled into Parliament. Time the public insist that no one can return to Parliament after ONE TERM. The only way to prevent this kind of auction.

So go sell your soul and your entire family's - just go ahead, you just have to be quick as there are ONLY 15 spots left at the JACKPOT of life

We are the true Nationalists, not the pseudo Nationalists who are willing to pay the people’s money for POWER

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  1. People in Sri Lanka obviously don't care about democracy. They only want Power so that they can make money. That is all the parties have been doing since Independence and that is why they want to be in Parliament all the time.

    So your suggestion of JUST ONE TERM is the obvious answer to this, in order to get the professionals into politics from those who only want Politics as a life today, as they don't want to retire, even when they become Impotent!