Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Wadduwa Party - Unanswered Questions! Better agitate for answers now before it becomes worse!

If the report in the Island Newspaper is true, and of course there is a problem with much of the facts as reported in the Media, we have serious concerns that must be addressed NOW

How come there was a party of two thousand people, each paying three thousand rupees? That is a total of Six Million Rupees for a FB party arranged by an AD agency in Kaduwela.

Before the alleged drugs scene, that in itself must draw a red flag to the authorities.

So what is the police doing about it? There is no point saying a Politician is protecting the organizers and doing nothing about it

The IGP must investigate if the party was held correctly, and owing to the crowd involved, if there was an adequate police presence to ensure basic security for the party goers, a basic right for party goers.

What enticed so many to come from all over the Country to pay Rs3,000 unless there was something available that is normally not available.

Basic Police investigations MUST get to the bottom of it, and eliminate all possibilities.

What pray is the duty of the Police? Not just to prevent crime, but also to prevent the possibility in the future. In order to do the latter, they must look into the causes, and how it can be prevented from happening

I don't know about the drug scene there, but we have to nip the drug menace in the bud as a Country. as the people of the Country demand it of the law enforcement authorities and not allow politicians to run rings around them

Remember the Police will eventually have to answer for it later, if something is not done immediately, and it is better to have it all discussed, resolved and suspects implicated or exonerated from the deaths today, rather than let it hang for a while before it is investigated and then it will more work for the already overburdened police force, trying to get a handle on the drug menace in Sri Lanka.

Where is the report of the IGP to the Law and Order Minister as there has been a clear breakdown of some law?

We just cannot let the IGP sleep on the job, it is too critical to let slide.
Why aren't more people questioning this incident, as we don't want a more severe incident in the future?

Today it is clear that the strength of the drugs are not known, and many are overdosing on lethal drugs and dying because the suppliers are incapable of regulating the strength of some of the chemicals used in the psychedelic drugs freely available today.

Before the crisis gets out of hand where the police simply cannot cope, why not give it the significance due and act on it?

Someone please do something

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