Monday, October 29, 2018

Impeachment now is the only option, surely!

It’s the time to take out the President, as he is shown to be a traitor, not a savior as all the charges made are trumped up.

IMPEACHMENT and incarceration is the need of the hour

For the sake of sanity, after years of undermining the Prime Minister’s efforts to clean up the stables, when people like Dilrukshi Dias W was removed, when her investigation of crimes became too hot for him to handle and save his friends, pining the same charge on Ranil Wickremesinghe, is NOT THE WAY TO HIDE YOUR OWN TREACHERY.

Listening to a litany of lies on TV his command of the Authority of Office which up to now we were able to live with had turned now against his either mental state, or if he is under threat by the Rajapakse’s we don’t know. However money talks and Rajapakse’s have BILLIONS of dollars, which illegitimate Governments like DUBAI refuse to give up, as their whole existence is predicated on their ability to bank ill-gotten gains of drug runners and despots from all over the world, once the Swiss decided to clean up their act.

Simply put all the dirty money in the world is parked in Dubai, and the Rajapakses have so much that they have enough to buy each MP for over Rs1Billion and have change left over.

It is the question whether our politics is for sale to the highest bidder, and if so how much has the President been promised, a man who said he had been offered enough for 14 generations, and refused.

We cannot wait at this juncture for history to judge this night of the long knives as one of the worst annals in contemporary history, where the legitimately elected President of a Country abused his own powers to try and justify his existence when the truth was getting just too hard to handle.

Just picking on the absurdity of his speech, ETI group was a private group trying to negotiate the sale of its assets to be able to pay off his liabilities and he is dreaming of a scam of tenders not called for? What planet pray is he living in to justify his action?

Enough said, people who read have such a limited attention span, that, people in power know that so abuse their power to maximize on latter day, impotence of the general public when the future of their Country is at stake. WE who sincerely care about the future, want out future back from those intent on destroying it, and in this case by justifying it by any means possible - LYING

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