Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The latest Twitter outburst - pitting Sajith and Harsha against reason and fair play. It does not pay to be someone else's lackey anymore!

The Sajith Premadasa Conundrum! The two faces of duplicity~

If further evidence was needed on my hypotheses, reinforced by the feelings on the ground in Sri Lanka (namely, that we cannot tolerate any person, being selected by voters at the next general election, who have ever served for even a day as an MP in the Sri Lanka Parliament’s history) I provide proof positive of the duplicitous character of the enigma, that is completely unsuitable as a leader for Sri Lanka, on a par with that scoundrel without an ounce of brain aka Namal Rajapakse!

The latest was the past 24 hour Twitter Frenzy caused by the completely unnecessary intervention of Sajith Premadasa to defend Maharajahs at their behest, when mercilessly attacked by Muhunthan Canagey. Harsha de Silva, foolishly or knowingly joined in the tirade against Canagey's allegations.

Canagey’s ire against Maharajahs is well known, the main reason being the granting of hugely valuable spectrum licenses for almost nothing in return for favors in Media for Maithripala Sirisena, through the TRC and his own brother at the helm of SLT.

For a bit of background, it was Maharajah’s Sirasa that gave credibility and stamp of authority for the Coup gone wrong carried out by MS and his band of ill-advised legal advisers, whose only goal was to destroy their arch enemy Ranil Wickremesinghe, even if they would take the whole Country down to their knees to achieve a personal vendetta.

It is clear that Maharajahs completely miscalculated the outcome of the Coup and now have egg on their face, however the duplicitous team that they are, have all their bases covered, and Sajith has been on their payroll, or at least their slave for as long as he has been in politics, thanks to the favors granted to them by President Premadasa in a quid pro quo basis.

So Kili Maharajah called in the favor, to damn Muhunthan Canagey’s allegation, and Sajith doing his masters bidding, along with Harsha de Silva who probably wants a few favors granted him too, fell for the bait and ruined their political careers all in a matter of minutes, WITHOUT thinking about the consequences for their future! Such cretins did this world produce, when our politicians are mere slaves of Oligarchs!

In today’s social media world these juveniles (nambis) don’t understand the sheer power of those who see through the charade and call a spade a spade, not worrying about who they are, as long as their actions are seen to be against the people of this Country and only pursuing an agenda of their masters, who are now REVILED as the EXCRETA of our society. (Sajith backing Excreta)


  1. Sajith backing EXCRETA and Harsha wallowing in the same Shit!

    Unless you are true to yourself, you can easily be outed as being a slave to a master. The master maybe a home grown Oligarch, or a foreign superpower. In Sri Lanka politics is mired in enslavement, and unless we eviscerate them from our polity (a state as a political entity) we are doomed.

    It is here that Twitter has come to the rescue, to OUT these bad apples, these duplicitous opportunists, these conniving miscreants, as there is the underground media who are a powerful force, partly responsible for galvanizing the public to the showdown with the President that enabled Civil Society to triumph against all the odds, with the strength of the Judiciary, who could call a spade a spade, despite the lack of patronage from the larger media outlets.

    So now both Sajith and Harsha are MUDDDDD! Their political future is done and dusted, and dead and buried, with no life left for even a chance resurrection.

    If they valued their independence, they could have told Kili I am not going to defend you on this, as we have taken a principled stance, that Maharajahs were directly responsible for aiding and abetting the Coup that overthrew the legitimate PM and has been proved to be illegal subsequently. Why could they not have said that? It is so simple to understand, and if they did so, their esteem amongst the skeptical would rise a few notches, that could put them on the map for future leadership.

    Now they themselves are to blame for their own inability to stand up to the likes of dirty old men like Kili Maharajah who honestly still believes he is the King Maker of Sri Lanka and to whom even Maithripala Sirisena has fallen in with, thanks to his devious advisers who are also so beholden, like Maithri Guneratne and Shiral Laktilleke.

    Of course there is no secret that Ravi K is also one of those who has depended on the patronage of the Maharajahs, and so it is important NOT TO HAVE ANY attachment to these MOBSTERS if you think you can face the Social Media backlash that will determine your fate, when you hang with the dogs, the fleas hang on to you too!

    Ironically, Canagey no saint at all in my book, comes out looking like Snow White when these people have had their say. We live in a new world that the old politicians still have not grasped. There is still a long way to go, but the need for a genuine person, to represent the people against the interests of LOW LIFE money men, bent on ruling by proxy, is even more apparent when these shenanigans come out of the woodwork, and now out in the open, FINALLY!

  2. Way to go Twitter Media Group - you are the heroes and giant killers, you deserve to be named the People of the Year 2018 for Sri Lanka for protecting democracy, upholding the constitution, and saving the nation from opportunistic rogues

  3. Sajith is a loser and now Harsha seems to be losing it too. What a shame!

    Sajith first behaves likes he owns the National Parks, annoying the staff and the visitors like hell. Then he goes around building his houses right across Elephant Corridors, like he does not know where elephants move through. Now unable to tell Maharajah where he gets off, means he is no leader, just a follower.

  4. The mainstream media including the Govt media is a disgrace, as the UNP has NO media whatsoever despite having a PM

    There must be legislation granting equal time at least, like they have in most civilized countries. We cannot have Media owners dictating their agendas quite shamelessly.

    I know that Media lords have held sway in other countries, but their unabashed partisanship has been checked by legislation, so they cannot be a single mouthpiece without the right of reply or balance.

    Legislation is sorely needed to correct this, as gullible electorate still don't have the ability to sift fact from fiction like the generally educated can, and so need protection from fake news being the only news

  5. Sajith is an idiot. He has done everything wrong and not a patch on the father. He is a novice, not suitable for leadership. He is a worker but with no brains, just brawn. Hard work without a brain is like an elephant no wanting to change his route when his path is blocked.