Thursday, July 19, 2018

Why is Parliament littered with Bozos who appeal to their gallery? It’s called Democracy stupid!!

Taking a cue from what transpired in Parliament yesterday, where the Government had to answer the allegation by the opposition, that the Army was downsizing, allegations made by Bozo Dinesh Gunewardena, seeking to get some brownie points from his gallery, by implying that he is trying to defend the nation by keeping the Army at the present numbers. So one mistake does not make it into two wrongs.

Mistake ONE – The Quality of an Army to satisfactorily defend a nation from their brief has nothing to do with troop strength.

Mistake TWO – Denying that the numbers will be reduced is itself a lie, as what is needed is a MORE EFFECTIVE security force, not strength in numbers.

To illustrate how bankrupt both the Government and Opposition are in terms of their inability to truly represent the needs of the Nation, is their pandering to the Gallery, as votes are supposed to be obtained by telling lies, as the truth will not win an election in Sri Lanka.

So we come back to the reason we are in the backwaters of the world, when we can easily be in the forefront, but for the  intellectual bankruptcy of the electorate to whom, the education system has completely failed.

I know I can defend the whole country with a troop strength of a maximum of 50,000 well trained, high mobility force, equipped with drones, helicopters, high technology surveillance, BETTER than today’s army can, with lower capacity manpower, but with the nimbleness of a rapid deployment force.

As usual our donkeys in Parliament have missed the whole point. We have seas, our economic zone, which is being plundered by foreign trawlers DAILY, and they have not pointed that we need a Navy strength at 5 times present, with vessels equipped with latest technology to prevent the POACHING WAR.

WE ARE CURRENTLY AT WAR IN THE HIGH SEAS AND DONKEYS IN PARLIAMENT HAVE NOT RAISED THIS ISSUE YET! So what is the good of idiots who just want to hear the sound of their voice, not realizing they are all traitors for NOT defending our economic rights, from being stolen in daylight.


  1. More proof as if any were needed, to prove that we have 225 in Parliament who are UNFIT to represent the Country in anything even marbles

  2. If you are truly interested in the Country's security, then get rid of at least 150 Army camps, as they serve NO purpose, but to bespoil the country kill the animals and generally have a good time at the expense of the people.

    If you release 100,000 people into the labor force immediately the GDP of this country can rise at least 20% over a 5 year period, over and above current rate. If that is not economic security what is?

    I agree with the writer that we need to protect our seas from large scale poaching and so we need a much bigger navy to protect our economic interests. Otherwise what is a Navy for?

    As usual our elected leaders want a sound bite, and no reason to defend the nation. Just the speech of Dinesh Gunewardena was politically bankrupt, and State Minister of Defence was just lying very badly

  3. PM lies broadly saying no downsizing of the Army - speaking to the Gallery, not to the Nation

  4. I know we have a professional army who should know how to perform an unbiased security assessment, which I am sure they have done.

    Unfortunately we don't have a civilian politician who understands what true security of a nation really means, so they are unable to restructure to meet the needs of the forces.

    The noose is the useless personnel, good for nothing. They cannot win anything let alone wars. However for political purposes, soldiers are not re-assigned to much needed civilian roles in the private sector, as they should and funds saved used to obtain the needed equipment for surveillance, the need of the hour to protect the nation.

    Who may we then ask are the true traitors of the Nation? No question the Joint Opposition.

    they should work together with the Govt. and NOT against to give the nation what it needs for the future, and STOP PLAYING POLITICS that is only treachery