Thursday, March 12, 2015

What right does a rogue have to talk about vengeance?

The most laughable comments come these days from an ex-president commenting about vengeance!

The most vengeful traitor of this decade has NO right to question the actions currently taking place, which to the people seem painfully slow, but to him seems out of spite!!! In fact people in the press are questioning if there is a deal between the Prime Minister and the Ex Prez where his family is being protected from prosecution, even if it is clearly warranted for crimes against the state, namely treachery, for which the punishment is death.   

It is time intelligent people realize that we have no more time for FOOLS TO FOOL WANNABE FOOLS!  This ex-president currently is free to say anything he wants, which is then reported on all media. That is, even if it is wrong, he has a right to say what he wants.

Contrast that with what would have been the case had he remained as President, and won the last Presidential Election. Maithripala Sirisena and his family would be incarcerated with no rights to a trial! Every one of any substance who backed MS would possibly share the same fate. Just imagine the state of the state today. NO freedoms whatsoever.

How anyone in their right minds can think vengeance is taking place, when OH so painfully slow investigations are taking place, even before known criminals are brought to book, IS CERTAINLY NOT VENGEANCE.

Once that is cleared, the people listening to these speeches making insinuations as to how the previous regime could be more just, should be simply scornful, using this same instance to point out the reality of what is implied.

I am frankly aghast that using their numbers that 5.8M voted for MR is any indication of his popularity or worth, when the findings coming out each day, reveal the utter despotic plunder of state resources under his watch, which no one appears to defend, but still support his cause. It is with utter contempt that his followers who are in the intelligentsia, are able to defend such a person, for any other reason than their own political survival, being associated with all that is wrong in society.

People like Weerawansa with no conscience but mere survival are excusable, as their level of conduct in their lives has shown nothing but lies and fabrication for existence. For those intelligent people such as Gammanpila to take a similar take is inexcusable, as it merely reduces a man of intelligence to a man of pure opportunism, with conduct of a gutter snipe.

Yes this Government has made some bad decisions, and freedom of the press permits the media a free reign in pointing this out. The fact that there is NO inference that the law is being compromised, and it is merely taking its course, sans White Vans is enough evidence of justice and fair play to all, and like in all Countries, those with more financial resources at their disposal are able to gain a few more favors, as their legal teams have more clout than of those without such ill gotten gains!  Just think about it, what will you want if you were in the soup?         

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