Monday, March 16, 2015

Avante Garde Investigation WILL NOT find anything wrong! Why?

The Avante Garde Chairman Retd. Major Nissanka Senadhipathi (NS) is a very clever operator. His modus operandi then and now is there is a price for everything and therefore once it is paid, any barrier to his doing his business can be lifted.

Let us NOT forget that being the exclusive license holder, or the only body permitted by the SL Government to carry out this business of permitting the storage of arms in our waters for the use of international security operations of ships, this immediately gave him the edge as there are NO competitors, (not even the Sri Lanka Navy – which carried on this operation before, but due to International Law ceased to do handing the job on a platter to Avant Garde) and so super profits can be made.

These super profits, amounting to over Rs3B per annum, enable the company to buy off anyone or anybody that it finds is a threat to doing business.

Therefore the current investigations WILL NOT FIND ANY FAULT BECAUSE

1                   The investigators are incompetent, and do not have the professional knowledge necessary to find that which is NOT in the books. (When a logistics fee from the British security company is charged, and it is payable to an offshore account, it does not appear in the records of Avante Garde, as it is charged by another company with an address in an offshore haven, to whom the remittance is made. It is therefore legitimate, tax free, does not get reported as a money laundering transaction, and appears NOT to flout any current international law. Therefore bribes can be paid freely from this account to anyone anywhere, especially to another overseas account of a friend or relative of the Sri Lankan, and so the local body appears clean. That is why Ghotabaya Rajapakse insists he is clean, as no one can find the muck that he is wallowing in! 

2                   The investigators are only thinking of how they are going to spend the Rs100M bribe they will receive once they give a clean report.

3                   As it is well known that NS pays for everything favorable about his company or him, one wonders if the Justice Minister Wijedasa Rajapakse has also been so compromised, and let us hope not, but his utterances on behalf of NS show otherwise.

4                   The SL govt. does not have intelligent people, who understand this business, so they can ask the right questions and get the right answers, as the business of AG is subcontracted work of UK security companies based off shore, manned by ex SAS and other services officers, who themselves to avoid taxes run their companies outside of the UK. They get their business from frightening the Shipping lines of the threat of piracy and so affectively taking extortion money from them to protect them from pirates in the Horn of Africa (no piracy for 2 years on the Horn of Africa) Therefore this whole business is below the radar. NO US company can get involved because the US has STRICT rules about giving and receiving bribes, that carry heavy penalties and incarceration.

I can go on giving more reasons but I trust the reader understands the point I am trying to make. The only compromise is to do a deal, which gives immunity if all recipients of largesse from NS are named and shamed with amounts given. 


  1. Please remember that sometimes even Ministers are fooled by people they trust to make statements backing Senadhipathi. So it is NOT they who are bribed but the friend on whose behalf the Minister makes this statement.

    In this way, sometimes we may not know who the real recipient of the bribe to say something nice is. It could be a member of the Minister's own family without the minister knowing. His offspring perhaps!

    So be careful when saying anything positive about this person. some one has been paid big bucks to put a spin

  2. Chandrika in Sunday Times said that Basnayake the MOD secretary had gone to work on Sunday, when no one was there, and wrote a letter backing Senadhipathi so that the Court would grant him leave to go overseas on urgent business.

    Then how much has Basnayake been paid just to write this letter? For a poorly paid Sec of a Ministry, is Rs20M for a letter sufficient for this task? I dont have an answer, but seeing what is written above, we just cannot be sure.

    So because Basnayake batted for Senadhipathi we just have to assume he is the recipient of a chunk of big change, so even if he is fired, he can live happily ever after. So much for the need for integrity in public service, as they are servants of the people first.

  3. What was the reason for him to go to Nigeria on urgent business? Simple for a another deal that involves short changing the Navy with the ex Navy Commander Disssanayake. They are going to sell some boats to them, where much of the price was going to be taken by them as SL were not privy to the price they had agreed with the Nigerians, which was a lot more than what the Navy would have got, and the crooked Nigerians were willing to pay, as they were alos well looked afteer in this deal