Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Israel – arrogance of a people – no more proof needed

This Sense of entitlement for the existence of the state of Israel which 100 years ago merely consisted of a few hundred Jews who came more as return to mythical roots, has been the cause of much of international tension far outweighing the number of the people that remind us as being the State of Israel, which but for its existence would have I am sure, have NOT lead to this ISIS or of a fundamentalist Iranian revolution or for that matter even a Wahabi sect in Saudi Arabia and even intolerance of all religions and frictions within Islam as we now see it.

I reiterate that I am sure of it, and we the whole world continue to pay the price of a few Zionists a minority even in the Jewish faith, who continue to hold out!

Yes Bibi Netanyahu won, by effectively saying what his Zionists want to hear, NO PALESTINIAN STATE EVER! It is simply that promise that made the difference.

It is very hard to make any Israeli see sense, as it is a sea of depravity surrounding them in the Arab world which due to its wealth and greed and mistaken sense of religion, is destroying itself more than it destroys the West. It is this simple fact that they use to justify their existence.

There is NO Arab unity so the Palestinians really get no grace from any of their neighbors who also treat them like lepers. They are the most civilized and intelligent people in the Arab world, and are ironically treated worse than the Jews were in Nazi Germany. It is this simple Israely dichotomy that they themselves fail to realize.

Israelis may say that there are many Arabs in Israel and who are citizens and also in the parliament and that they have more rights in Israel than other citizens in any other Arab Country. That should NOT be a reason to treat them like that and Not give them their rightful state.

We know one day the force of good will conquer over evil and both the ISIS and the ZIONISTS are forces of Evil along with many other Crazy fundamentalists who have no life but the cause they follow. In time the state of Israel will disappear and NOT sit in side by side of Palestine.

It is as day follows night, and it is this worry that the Zionists wish to delay for as long as practically possible. After all people cannot predict what happens after we leave this earth, and Zionists and ISIS believe they will last forever, and let them do so, as we are not to try and change their belief system, but attempt to make people see the light of our existence on this earth.

Who are we here for? What are we supposed to do? How should we act? Should we fear anyone? If we are right, how do we know we are just, when others also who we believe are unjust believe they are just? The answers to all these come automatically to the person who holds no grudges, has nothing to hide, and is willing to take leave of this earth tomorrow!!!   

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