Saturday, March 28, 2015

What is all this fuss over “Weli Raju”?

A low life underworld figure, well known in running a longstanding extortion racket is hacked by another and it becomes news, WHY? Simply because the man happens to be the President’s brother, Priyantha Sirisena.

Whatever the merits of Maithripala Sirisena as President of Sri Lanka. He comes from a family of questionable crooks, who have ruined, more like completely destroyed Polonnaruwa District. That is a fact that no one other than the ignorant would dispute.

However in the scheme of things and on reflection the MR regime which was even more destructive, and under whom these lowlife thugs operated with impunity, had to be gotten rid of first, and if we have to tolerate Maithripala Sirisena in so doing for the Country’s good, then so be it.

As for Weli Raju he was in the business of taking Rs5,000 into his sarong pouch for every Sand load that was loaded by a dozer into the Tipper trucks. When there were 400 trucks taking illegally mined sand to Colombo, the daily takings of Rs2M yes two million is not something to be sniffed at.

To Maithripala Sirisena’s credit, the sand mining has been temporarily stopped due to the aggravated erosion and environmental degradation, which in the MR regime of 10 years has been worse than the British Rule of 150 years. Let no one doubt it if they are MR sycophants still around trying to protect the worst traitor Sri Lanka has seen in all its history.

Anyway, as I see it Raju got his just desserts as he was always playing with fire, and was a very unseemly character. I was with another Polonnaruwa businessman, when this incident was reported and saw the chopper taking off from the Hingurakgoda AF base to take him to treatment in Colombo. This man also has had a sand mining license for a load or two as part of his business, but due to the protection racket run by Weli Raju (Sand King) he was unable to get his just requirements without payment of this amount at the Sand Gate! (as in Farm Gate) at Manampitya.

Such is his fame, that there will be no tears shed. IT IS THE DUTY OF THE Sri Lanka media to expose the truth as relates to Weli Raju, but in the same breath mention that it was the MR regime that built this man into a millionaire crook, and MS regime that clipped his wings, after the Sand Mining Ban.

We must inform the General Public that under the MR regime, when there was NO MEDIA FREEDOM, the reporters were prevented from reporting the truth especially the environmental destruction of the MR regime, as they felt development was far more important than environment, and as Commissions and  Kickbacks were part of Development that the latter was far superior to satisfy the greed of the Rajapakse and other families close to them.

It is Sri Lanka that we need to save from these low life  thugs like the Rajapakses, and Sirisenas and until the people of Sri Lanka can understand that it is not foreigners who are most harmful to Sri Lanka, but their own people, we will not be able to preserve SL to our future kids!!!     

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