Thursday, March 19, 2015

Field Marshall – a little “Kitche” not “Class”

There is no one on earth who believes that the recent award to SF was anything but a request by him. I don’t think passed even the most ardent supporter of the General to give him this title.

This is in essence where the problem is! To all who know it is no different to Idi Amin dada who amassed and gave himself all sorts of titles and medals. So those who give it to themselves which is the case here, despite the proclamation today that the President will bestow this on him on Sunday the 22nd March 2015, purposely given on a Sunday, where its validity can be questioned with a wry smile, which is why Maithripala Sirisena a more modest person chose that day instead of Monday the 23rd !!!!

All true Field Marshals are bestowed the Titles by a grateful nation, where it is earned for their services to their country. In the case of Sri Lanka, it is here not bestowed! Worse still the various requests made for security and other benefits are those that after a President of the Country, no other person not even a PM is given.

When Ranil Wickremasinghe leaves office he will not have any security, and obviously SF feels he is of more importance now than anyone and this will be for life too remember. Further as a US Green Card Holder he has to report the imputed values to the US tax authorities every year, something I doubt he does anyway.

So all in all it is for the reader to judge for him or herself  the ethics of this position, but for a Country which continues to put up with non-sense from self-appointed Grandes  who do not have the pulse of the people or their interests at heart, it is shameful that we allow people to play with our psyche, fool a lot of people about the real value of them.

A game played the world over by people in authority, be it Popes, Princes, or Kings, Prime Minsters, Minister or MPs and all sorts of highly regarded people who take advantage of their station in life to make the most of the hour is common.

It is for the likes of us to value people for what they have really done, and for that answer we need good analytical writers to inform us about people and their characters. There have been far more Mahatma Gandhis in this world than we have heard of but that is because they never came to the fore or were recognized by those who wrote about the people in their age or people they have chosen to write about.

This is merely a wake-up call to intelligent people, don’t be fooled by what you read or see. Make up your minds by self-study. In this age of the internet you have NO excuse as all the good and bad is on line so you can make up your mind weighing the pros and cons.

You judge for yourself and justify to yourself that he is worthy of such a title and who it should be who should bestow it. Should it have been him to ask, for or for a grateful nation to bestow?

Are we so weak as to NOT question such behavior or are we so ignorant that we don’t care? Sri Lankans make your opinions heard. You threw out a Rajapakse take charge of your life!   


  1. Now he goes to India and tells India and Pakistan to resolve the Kashimir issue. Should he even be advising them?

    Is it our place to tell them. They are fully engaged in trying to settle it, but some fundamental differences remain and nothing Fonseka says can change that. India and Pakistan will reoslve soon enough, but at Fonseka's behest!!

    He must be getting too self important by crushing some internal terrorism in SL. These are super powers he is trying to advise from clearing up a bunch of loonies in his back yard.

    An ant trying to advise the elephant syndrome.

    Author you are right, he is off (Mental ) that is

  2. I t is sad that people in Sri Lanka are led by a bunch of goats.

    You dont give a Field Marchall title to one who has only gone to fight against his own countryment!! What a insane policy!!

    No wonder all western powers will even boycott th evetn as it is just a person unbecoming of this title preening himself to look at him self in the mirror and fool those who pretend to honor this event!!

    Please think about this dispassionately. He is making a joke of such an exlated title